Sunday, August 24, 2008

Playing, Clapping, Sleep-talking, and vacation!


I know, I many things in one post. First, we went our friend's house this afternoon. Ben used to live across the road from us and he and Abe have been friends for a long time (relative to their ages). Abe and Ben, for the first time, really played together. It was SO cute. They were following each other around, laughing and interacting!! It was just adorable.

Second, for the first time today, Abe clapped! Hooray. Like everything else, he did it once (without any previous attempts) and has continued to clap all day! You'll see both of these things in the video below.

Third, last night we were driving home from Tami's house and Abe, who had previously been asleep, started talking. "Dada, dada" initially...then a few minutes later "nonononono" and then he started laughing hysterically. We were at a stop light, so I peeked over his car seat and yep, low and behold he was sound asleep. I guess he takes after me.

Finally, I am leaving or vacation early on Tuesday morning, so I might be somewhat absent from my usual blogosphere. I'll try a post or two while I'm gone, but no promises! Wish me luck on my 4 hour flight to SLC (by myself...ahhh!!!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Learning to Talk


Abraham has begun to have some intelligible speech. It has been fun to see what he says. We've heard "Dad" and "Dadda" several times. I've seen him go up to an outlet and then tell himself "nononono". He says "yea" and "go" and he still "vrrrrooms" as he plays with his cars and trucks. On Tuesday I was at my sister's house and she said my name. Abe was sitting on my lap and clear as a bell repeated, "Kim". Tami and I just looked at each other...confirming that we both heard it. I was telling Ken this the next day and Abe looked at me and again said, "Kim". Great, he's just shy of 10 months and already losing respect for his mother!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Carolina Mudcats


Some friends from church had some extra tickets to our local minor league baseball team, the Carolina Mudcats. So we headed out Friday night. The game started at 6:15 and since Abe is used to getting ready for bed at 7:00, we were worried about his behavior. We need not have worried, he was an angel. He loves watching people and had a great time staring at everyone around us and enjoying all the kids having fun. We actually stayed until the 7th inning! The Mudcats were ahead when we left, so hopefully they won!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cousin Fun


We had Dallin and Madison here to play on Saturday, so Tami and Jared could go out for their anniversary. It was a little hectic, but fun. My favorite part of the day?? I got all 3 kids to nap at the same time!! My friend, Rachelle, had posted something similiar to this awhile back, but I didn't realize fully what an amazing feat it actually was!

Then yesterday Abe and I ventured to the far away land of Fuquay Varina and had a play date with Boyers again. We took some pictures of Abe and Dallin in their matching outfits (since both were about ready to bust right out of them. Maddie had to get in on the camera action too! It was so cute because Abe kept kissing Dallin!!! Awwww!

I think Tami got some better pictures of the boys, so keep your eyes peeled on her blog.