Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tyler's 2 Months!


Can anyone believe our little man is two months old! We just love him to death and can't imagine life without the sweet little guy. He has amazing head control and has just recently become quite the smiler. I tried to capture it on camera, but didn't have much luck. It just lights up his whole face. He has started to become interested in toys and will sit for a long time on his play mat looking at mirrors. He even reaches out to touch some of the noise making toys. He is regulating more with his sleep, sometimes only getting up once at night. We'll get his 2 month stats of Friday when he goes to the doctor.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Abraham Loves his Cars


This picture captures one aspect of little Abraham perfectly. Sometimes he has a little trouble wanting to go to bed, so we let him pick out a few of his precious cars to take with him and keep him company. This evening when we went to check on him, this is what we found. I love that little boy.
It is amazing to me how much the little things mean. One of Abe's favorite treats is to get to pick a $1.00 matchbox car from Wal Mart or Target. He'll scour the selection then pick the one he wants. He is very particular about which car he would like and has yet to repeat a car that he already owns. Then that little $1.00 car doesn't leave his hand for the next day or two. He carries it everywhere and plays with it. It is so adorable. It is hard for me to not let him pick a car everytime we go to the store because he loves them so much.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Fun!


It was my birthday this week and I had such a wonderful day. I woke up to beautiful yellow and pink roses on the table. I got to open the package from my parents that had been tempting me all week and also a card from my in-laws. My good friend Amy had me and the boys over for a playdate and lunch. She cooked a delicious meal and we finished it off with cupcakes. Abe was so excited about the candles on them. He kept saying "Happy" and then blowing. All of the boys loved little Tyler and he got a good amount of holding and cuddling from them. It was fun. Then my sister Tami came up and stayed with Abe and Tyler so Ken and I could go to Harry Potter (it was so nice of them to release it as a birthday present to me!). We had a great time out together and enjoyed the movie. It was a wonderful day!! Many thanks to everyone who helped make it that way.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Frenzy


With Tyler's birth we were so fortunate to have my Mom come out and spend a month with us and then have Ken's parents and his sister and her two kids come out for 2 weeks. We weren't able to do as many exciting things while my Mom was here because I was hugely pregnant and then had a tiny baby, but we got to go out and do a few things with Ken's family. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our vistors. Thanks for coming! We loved having all of you!Abe loved his Grandma Red, or "KaKa" as he liked to call her. Riding on the train at Pullen Park. Abe was in shock, he loved it so much. Ever since all we hear from him is "ALL ABOARD! All aboard the choo choo train"
Ty doing what he does best ... hanging in the snugli!
Yes, a severed arm and werewolf hand. Can I say more for the toys at the Carlile home.
The cousins having a great time. Too bad no one got a picture of Grandpa in the afro wig.
Abe reading with his Grandpa.

Having fun with the trains at Marbles museum.

Abe had a blast building and racing cars. Mostly, he just held his car and watched the other kids race.

Tyler just wished we'd let him alone in the Snugli, but we couldn't resist the crab hat.
I guess he liked this hat better than the other one! Daddy and Abe at the Duke Gardens.

I love Abe's laughing face caught in this picture! Just be glad you can't hear it! He inherited the Bodily laugh.

Grandmas are just plain comfortable.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Millbrook Exchange Sprinkler Park


We took the whole crew to the Millbrook Exchange Sprinkler Park. Tami and her kiddos met us there. It was just as much fun as the first time we went (which I never posted about because Mom never sent me the pictures. You'd think she was busy moving or something!) Towards the end of our visit we put a life jacket on Abe and let him in the big pool. He LOVED it! We'll have to get him in swimming lessons before too long!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Baby Blessing


We had the priviledge of blessing baby Tyler today. It was really nice to have so much family around (Ken's parents, Ken's sister & 2 kids, my sister, brother in law & 2 kids). We also had a couple of close friends attend as well. Tyler looked adorable (of course) in his tuxedo, which is the same one Abraham wore. It was a busy Sunday for us because Ken was also ordained as a high priest (it was really great his Dad was here to do the ordination) and I had my first Sunday as our ward's new Primary president.