Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dinosaur Museum


One day we headed to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was so awesome. Tyler was pretty hesitant at first and pretty clingy to me.Abe and Ken had no hesitancy at all. They had several interactive exhibits and they were definately the boy's favorites.
This is a huge water and sand table. They played here for a long time.

I was surprised by how many dinosaurs Abraham recognized and could name.
Our little dino boys!
This was an excavation exhibit. Abraham especially loved it. He didn't want to leave.

Tyler was distracted by the sand on his feet, but he did some digging too.

The shark was one of my favorite parts! Watch out Grandma Sue!
Although Tyler had been hesitant about the dinosaur bones, he was fascinated by the human bones. What is up with that?

It was such a fun museum and we had a great time!

Easter in Utah


We loved being with the Carlile's on Easter. We started out with a huge Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. Abraham won 3 different big prizes in his eggs! Tyler had no problem realizing what those plastic eggs really meant, CANDY!Later that afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs at Aunt Carie's house. I am ashamed to admit that my children had never dyed eggs before. Abe had fun dying eggs, Tyler enjoyed being able to play with the trains in the basement again.On Sunday after church Ken, Kale (his brother), and his Dad hid the 250 Easter eggs in the backyard. Each child had 25 eggs of a certain color they had to find. The little kids did great finding all their eggs.

The older kids' eggs were a little more tricky. I think Alexandra is still missing 2 eggs out there somewhere...

Cooper and Casey found the gold and silver eggs this year. They each contained a $5 bill!

I hope everyone had as happy an Easter as we did!

King Henry Friends


We were fortunate to be able to get together with some of the most wonderful people in the world while we were out in Utah. Our good friend Greg was turning 40 and we couldn't resist the opportunity for a little party. He knew we were getting together, but had no clue that we'd be celebrating his big day!What better way is there to celebrate than with King Henry Moustache Jeopardy!?!?

The Porter's swept the games and took away first and second prizes! Now who doesn't want a nice, fat yam for first prize? I heard it has been under their mattress ever since...

We topped the evening off with Oreo Birthday Cheesecake, homemade by Ken! Yum! Can't wait until March 2012!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Utah Extravaganza!!


We were so lucky to be able to fly out to Utah for Easter. We were worried about the plane ride (okay, rides, we had 2 layovers!) but the boy's did really well. Thank heaven for portable DVD players! Of course, the first thing Abraham did when he got to Grandma's was find the cars.

The first thing Tyler did? Find the trains!!!We loved all the time we were able to spend with cousins. We went to dinner one night at Ken's brother, Kale's home. They have a ton of pets and animals and the kids loved it. Okay, mostly Abraham loved it. We had a hard time dragging Tyler away from their collection of Thomas trains.

Of course, playing "weapons" and Superheroes with the triplets was a highlight. With a Hulk hand on one arm and Wolverine claws on the other and 3 boys catering to him, Abraham was in heaven.

Tyler finally dragged himself from the trains to play with Chip the dog. It was so funny because Chip kept licking him and Tyler licked him right back!

We also went to dinner at Ken's sister, Carie's home. I didn't have my camera, which is unfortunate because Abraham put on quite the show playing the keyboard in RockBand. Tyler (do we see any habits here?) spent the evening in the play room with....yep, trains.

We were also able to head up to Copperton to visit with Grandpa Bodily. It was great to see him and talk for awhile. Unfortunately our camera ran out of battery, so this is the only picture we got. More Utah pictures to come... stay tuned...

Dallin's Birthday


Just before we left for Utah, we attended my nephew Dallin's birthday party. The kids had so much fun! I though Abraham looked so grown up eating his hot dog. To say that Tyler loved the parachute would be an understatement. He was SO happy and thrilled the entire time it was out.
Tami had done a great job with all her Thomas the Train activities and games. This picture sums it all up, we had a great time. Happy Birthday Dallin!