Friday, April 24, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009



Yesterday was a day of great excitement and celebration. Yes, you guessed it ... Abe's first day in the nursery!!! For those who don't know, at our church you have a 3 hour meeting, divided into 3 blocks. Once you are 18 months old they have a special class you can attend for the second 2 blocks of time. He did awesome (didn't miss us at all) and Ken and I both thoroughly enjoyed our time in our classes. What a big boy! Don't they look handsome in their matching suits and ties?Not to diminish the real reason for celebration yesterday, our Savior's Resurrection. I always love to have a day to remember what that truly means for us and how fortunate we are to know our Savior and to have His Gospel in our lives.

We also were able to have Charlotte and her family and Tami and her family with us for the day. We did an Easter Egg hunt and then had dinner and played. It was fun to be with family and especially to see the Laters, it has been about a year since we were last with them.

We actually didn't get Abe much candy, just a few Tootsie Rolls. This morning I found him eating one, wrapper and all. Oops. We filled his basket with matchbox cars instead, which he loves. His cousins were gracious enough to share lots of candy with him though. Since I'm sure not everyone wants to see a million pictures of Abe wandering around our backyard, I'm not offended if you don't look at the slideshow. I just know that Grandmas and Grandpas like to see all the pictures! (by the way, aren't his new sandals adorable manly?)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life in the Fast Lane


It has been awhile since I posted, so I thought I'd give a quick update. Life is moving along quickly. I am soon to be 32 weeks pregnant. That has pushed us into high gear. Are we really ready to have another baby in our home??? We realized that we need to get moving on the "Big Boy" room, since we want Abe sleeping in there for at least 2 to 3 weeks before the baby comes. Just cleaning the room out was a huge effort, but it is cleaned out and painted. We're just searching for bunk beds and a dresser now. Stay tuned for some great before / after pictures.

Abraham has really picked up his talking. He is starting to crack us up with the things he says and does. This morning I put him in his chair and set out his breakfast for him. I was getting some things done in the kitchen and had forgotten to have breakfast prayer with him. About 5 minutes after he'd been sitting there, I finally sat down myself. He looked at me, folded his arms and said "amen". What a sweet boy. We love to hear him repeat his animals sounds and all his made up names for things. Cell phones are called "hi!" and his pillow is called "awwww". He's started coming up to me and pointing to his diaper and telling me "stinky". He is actually pretty accurate and usually only does it when he really is stinky. The good always comes with the bad though, and he has started with tantrums as well. It can be so frustrating, and you are always sure that everyone is staring at you and wondering what in the world you just did to your kid to make him scream and cry like that. Oh terrible twos, here we come.

All in all, life is good for the Carlile family and we hope it is for you too!