Monday, September 29, 2014

Suit coat Batman


We were heading to church one day and Rex was adamant about wearing jus bat mask. As we walked to the car (I'd told him he could wear it for the drive there) our neighbor was outside. Rex ran up to her and said, "Hello. I am Suit Coat Batman."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Day of School!


Tyler was so excited to start kindergarten. 
 Abraham was just as excited to go to 1st grade. 
 Brothers and best buddies. I'm glad they have each other at school. 

 Matching back packs. 
 Dropping them off at school.
 And one very sad 3 year old, who insisted that he was 5 and was going to school too. Poor little buddy. He's had the hardest adjustment of all, he gets so lonely during the day. Only 3 more years and you'll get your turn!

Rex is 3!!


Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Rex (August 11th). This Batman and Mickey Mouse loving boy is so much fun. 
 Our good friends, the Barrows, sent him the Silver Surfer (a toy he's pined after for quite a long time) and he was immediately in love. 

 His Batman cupcakes. 
We love you Rexy!

10 Months


Here are Annemarie's pictures at 10 months old. 

 She is the most loved baby around...sometimes too loved. 

Another Oregon Family Shoot


We had ordered these family reunion t-shirts and had a little photo shoot with everyone wearing them. Things quickly escalated out of control. 

 We did finally get one nice picture out of it all.

 Sisterly love.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tucker Family Reunion


For now, I'm skipping my second Utah post. I'll get to it eventually. After 2 weeks in Utah, we rented a van and drove to my sister's house in Washington. We spent the night there and then headed to the Oregon Coast, Lincoln City, to be exact. We had a huge beach house, right on the ocean, with direct beach access. It was cold, but not too cold, and we had a wonderful time.

Some crazy people actually went in that cold, freezing water. My brother in law, Bryan, had several wet suits that they wore, but still....crazy.
 Here is the view of the house from the beach. It is the dark brown house in the middle. If you really look you can see the stairs leading straight up to it. The only house with direct beach access.
 All of the girl cousins loved on Annemarie the whole time. Free babysitting...score.
 I told my boys not to play in the sand while we were waiting for everyone for pictures to start. They are so good at listening.
 My brother, Barlow, and his family.
 My oldest sister, Charlotte, and her family.
 Abraham, when told to "pose" for the picture.
 Quite possibly the best family picture we have to date. Squinty eyes and all.
 My brother, Gordon, and his family.
 My sister, Brenda, and her family.
My sister, Tami, and her family.
 The whole group.
 Of course, things quickly got out of control.
 The fun you can do with a camera timer.
 I love this picture of baby Annemarie on the beach.
 All of the adults.

 And the two crazy kids that started it all....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Utah Post #1


I'm dividing our trip to Utah into two posts, based solely off which camera was used to take the pictures. These are the photos from our nice camera. 
Ken took the boys to play on his old elementary school playground.
 We did our best at getting family pictures. Rex was a little uncooperative. By a little, I mean a whole, whole lot.
 Ken's parents.
 One day, we will get a nice family picture. Maybe...
 All the grandkids on Ken's side of the family.
 One day Ken and his parents and sister took the kids to the zoo. I was home with a terribly sick and barfing Annemarie.
 Apparently, Rex LOVED the carousel. After riding it twice, Aunt Kristy had to chase him around to physically carry him away.

 Slurpees and movies in Grandma's basement.
 Ken and I spent almost an entire day without kids! We first dressed like cows and ate at Chick-Fil-A, which was massively crazy and busy...very unlike how it is in North Carolina. We were so shocked by how many people were there. Then we went to BYU campus and bookstore.
 You'd think we met, dated, and fell in love here...but no. Nope, I proudly claim Utah State as my Alma Mater.
 Ken's favorite creepy tree.
 Made even more creepy by our weird poses.
 Finally we had dinner and games with some of our most favorite people and friends. Ken and Sandy had decided on the last cruise that they needed to have a rice pudding contest. So they did.
 Ken lost....badly. Way to cook, Sandy!!
Stay tuned for post number 2 with all the pictures from the phone/iPad.