Sunday, October 19, 2014

Labor Day


Ken had the day off for Labor Day, so we took the kids to Shelley Lake to walk around and play. Ken found this awesome creepy tree. 
 Abraham pretending to be a bucket head zombie.
 Tyler's defense.
 I love this picture of a sweet girl and her daddy. 

Afternoon at the park


We hit the park one Saturday afternoon. Annemarie took her first selfie...
 As I looked through the pictures, I realized my kids need to learn how to close their mouths. These pictures were not staged. 

Iron Man


Our youth had an auction night to raise money for camp. Look who I ran into. My kids weren't there and I was totally the cool mom when I showed them this picture!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Suit coat Batman


We were heading to church one day and Rex was adamant about wearing jus bat mask. As we walked to the car (I'd told him he could wear it for the drive there) our neighbor was outside. Rex ran up to her and said, "Hello. I am Suit Coat Batman."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

First Day of School!


Tyler was so excited to start kindergarten. 
 Abraham was just as excited to go to 1st grade. 
 Brothers and best buddies. I'm glad they have each other at school. 

 Matching back packs. 
 Dropping them off at school.
 And one very sad 3 year old, who insisted that he was 5 and was going to school too. Poor little buddy. He's had the hardest adjustment of all, he gets so lonely during the day. Only 3 more years and you'll get your turn!

Rex is 3!!


Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet Rex (August 11th). This Batman and Mickey Mouse loving boy is so much fun. 
 Our good friends, the Barrows, sent him the Silver Surfer (a toy he's pined after for quite a long time) and he was immediately in love. 

 His Batman cupcakes. 
We love you Rexy!

10 Months


Here are Annemarie's pictures at 10 months old. 

 She is the most loved baby around...sometimes too loved.