Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day of Fantastic Deals!


I learned earlier this week that a grocery store in my area, Harris Teeter was having a triple coupon (any coupon $0.99 and under) sale. You could only use 20 coupons at a time and it started Thursday at 7:00 AM. I was so excited. I waited all week. Last night, I went to a friend's house and we went through all our coupons and sorted them and got everything ready. I could hardly sleep last night, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas, it is kind of sad how much a good deal could excite me! This morning at 6:30 Abe and I left. We went to 2 Harris Teeter stores and used 20 coupons each time. We also went to 2 Food Lion stores to sweeten the deal. Here is what we came up with! Under each picture is posted a price range that those items cost. FREE! Yep, everything in the above picture cost me NOTHING!
This is the largest group of items, (picture above) they all cost under $0.50!
These items all cost somewhere between $0.50 - $1.00.

These were all my items that were one dollar or more. My most expensive item was $1.74.

I got all this cereal from a great deal Food Lion was running. It cost me $20.58 out of pocket, but I have a $10.00 Food Lion Gift Certificate to go along with all of it! Amazing right? I'll save you from counting, it is 35 boxes.

So, all said and done I got $250.74 worth of groceries for $44.89 with a $10.00 Food Lion card to add on. If you divide what I paid by the number of items I brought home, it averages to $0.36 an item! Not too shabby!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Playtime in the Bouncer.


I tried and tried to put this video clip in the sidebar under our "If You're Happy and You Know It" section, but I couldn't get it to work. So, it is being posted here. Abe loves his bouncer, he's getting to be such a big boy!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


We had a great Easter at the Carlile home. We didn't do much, no Easter egg dying or hunts, but just enjoyed ourselves. Ken got up with Abe and let me sleep in (what a treat!!!) and even made French toast for breakfast. His morning meetings were cancelled, so we had all morning to just relax. Abraham got to wear his new 3 piece suit to church and oh boy! did he look handsome. We had dinner with Tami and Jared and Madison. It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy? St. Patrick's Day!


We had a fun St. Patrick's Day! For dinner we ate meatloaf with green mashed potatoes, green rolls, broccolli and green soda. Yum! We even gave Abe green beans for his dinner, just to stay with the spirit of things. We thought it would be fun to dress him up like a leprachaun and take pictures, but if you look at the bottom picture, I think it was only fun for Mom and Dad. It was mostly a Happy St. Patrick's Day though!

Poor Abe! And no, he isn't crying because we pinched him! I was sure to dress him in green pajamas the night before and he wore 3 different green outfits throughout the day (thanks to his festive "green" blow outs!)

Saturday, March 15, 2008



We've always known that Abe could fall asleep anywhere. He often falls asleep on his play mat, in his bouncer, jumper, swing, and carseat. He fell asleep once at a youth activity in a bowling alley and once on his changing table during a diaper change. Yesterday was my favorite though. I put him in the bath, and looked down to put soap on a washcloth. As I looked back up, he was fast asleep! I guess I'd made the water the perfect, comfortable temperature.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Barbeque Anyone??


Ken noticed a little bird hanging out by our barbeque. He'd had a friend who had a bird build a nest in his barbeque, so he thought he'd check ours, just to be sure nothing was going on.
Lucky for us that he checked, because look what he found!!!! Fortunately no eggs had been laid yet, so we could clean it out with a clear conscience.
If there had been eggs, we would have been out a grill until the baby birds hatched, I think we caught it just in time because that is one big nest!
Now just a few remnants are there, but we are planning to grill later this week so all the other birds will know that this is one grill that is OFF LIMITS to them!!!
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dr. Gigglesworth


If you keep an eye on the sidebar of my blog, you may notice that I have an exceptionally smiley baby. I love to see him smile and get a laugh out of him. Last night as I was laying him in his crib, he started laughing in his sleep. It was so adorable. This morning, I woke up to the sound of him laughing in his crib. What better noise?? There is nothing in the world like hearing your child laugh!

Monday, March 3, 2008

4 Month Birthday!!


It is amazing that another month has just flown by! Abe had his 4 month check up today and weighed in at a hefty 18 lbs 6 oz. That puts him at 95 - 100% for weight. He was 80% for height at 26 inches and 75% for head circumference. Yep, he's still a BIG boy! We had a lot of fun firsts this month too. He rolled over for the first and only time. He laughed for the first time when tickled. He lost all his hair except the patch on top, which grew enough that he got his first hair cut! He ate solid foods for the first time (rice cereal and then the last week we've begun to add some pears to it!). He also stayed with alone with someone who wasn't family for the first time! (It was only for 2o minutes, but hey it was still his first time!) Abe continues to LOVE his feet and wants to put everything in his mouth. He laughs and smiles all the time and when he first wakes up in the morning, he is so cute and happy. He's started making a lot of happy noises and his new nickname is Baby Chewbacca because the sounds he makes sometimes are just like a wookies!! Happy 4 Months Abey-Baby!!

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