Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy 5 Months Rex!


Our sweet little boy turned 5 months old today! He's had some definate firsts this past month. He rolled over for the first time and now wants to do it all the time! He's even woken up during the night a few times because he rolled over in his sleep and was mad about it.
He also had his first and second and third ear infection! We have our fingers crossed that he got it out of his system and that we aren't in line for another set of tubes! He's tried all sorts of baby food and the only one he doesn't like is green beans. He spends a lot of time in his jumper and really loves it there.

He still really wants to be a thumb sucker and tries to get his thumb or fingers inside his mouth at every possible chance. He's also gotten quite ticklish and I love to hear him giggle!
No new updates on his eye, except he's realized he really doesn't like that patch after all. He gets upset when we put it on and then again when we take it off and he'll try to pull at it quite a bit while he's wearing it. We try to patch him as early as possible to get it over with and he seems to be less resistant first thing in the morning. We head back to Duke on the 23rd to have his vision re-evaluated. I doubt we'll have to stop patching him, but I'd really love for at least a reduction in the time he wears it.

I think as he's gotten older he's starting to look a lot more like Tyler, although he definately has some of Abraham's characteristics too (those dimples!)

We love our little Rex and are so grateful every day that he was sent to be a part of our family!