Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Night of Twilight


Awhile back Ken helped his sister with some games for a Twilight party. Since we were already half way there, we (I) decided to go ahead and have a Twilight party of my own. We asked everyone to bring a Twilight themed food and encouraged costumes. Unfortunately, I quit taking pictures after the first few minutes, so I only have one of the amazing treats that were brought. My book club girls totally pulled through! I also don't have any pictures of "Pin the Hair on Edward", another highlight of the evening. Ken and I secretly filmed the husbands of several of the women who were coming saying quotes from the books, in costume. Yes, we had a grown man in an Afro wig saying, "He leaned closer, his pale glorious face just inches from mine..." and another in a Jason mask with a knife saying, "Does my being half naked bother you?". We kept the wives completely clueless so it was a total shock when suddenly their husbands appeared on screen. It was the hit of the night and turned out even funnier than we'd planned. Here are a few pictures from the evening.This is what greeted them on the front door. It says, "Thanks for coming to our Twilight party! The children are in bed, please come around to the back door and let yourself in!"This is what was on the back door. It says, "You made it! Come in! Follow the wolf prints to get to the party!"As they came inside they met Edward #3. He said " Be careful. Don't trip. I have enough of my hands trying to keep Bella safe, let alone a bunch of grown women."The final quote read, "You're almost there. I hope you are ready to party! Just watch out for the wolves and please don't betray our secrets!" I must admit I chuckled to myself the whole time I was making these and putting them up. I thought I was pretty funny.We had a "Blood Bar" for our drinks. All of our red drinks were labeled with blood types.The silverware was sparkly, in honor of our sparkling vampires. I thought that was a nice little touch.Yes, that is Edward holding out a rose. Yes, that is Voldemort's body.Just another decoration shot. We had those pictures of movie characters hung all around the room.My sister, Tami, made these amazing werewolf cupcakes. They were so awesome, the picture really does it no justice. I saved one to give to Abe the next day and he thought it was so cool.
These are the only pictures I have that were taken during the actual party, and of course it was during the boring part, the quiz. Oh well. It really was fun, I promise.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!


We had a wonderful Easter weekend at our home! We loved having a combination General Conference and Easter and enjoyed the time we were able to spend together. After weeding through about 50 pictures of Abraham's backside as he picked Easter eggs up off the ground, I think I picked the best few to share. Note that there are no pictures of us dying eggs, that is because we didn't. Our kids are still pretty little and neither Ken or I enjoy eating hard boiled eggs, so we passed this year. Maybe next year ... or maybe not :-).

Abraham was more than thrilled with his Easter basket. My favorite item in his basket? A book called "I Can Share".Tyler said to forget the basket, he was happy with the Easter grass. Which is ironic because I didn't put any in his basket, only in Abraham's. A little brotherly love. Abraham's pucker kiss face was so cute.Abe was totally uninterested in the Easter egg hunt, until I opened one and showed him what was inside. He caught on very quickly after that. He'd find an egg and pick it up and shake it, just to make sure. The first time he got to an egg that had a marshmallow Peep in it, he threw it back on the ground, thinking he'd found a dud because it didn't shake. He was so happy. He didn't know that as soon as we got inside we were going to let him have a few and then take all his eggs away and only let him have one a day from here on out. Could there be any two cuter boys?Tyler takes Easter Egg hunts very seriously.Poor Abraham couldn't figure out how to get those darn eggs opened. It was hilarious to watch him try. (He has creepy eyes in this picture)

Happy Easter!!!