Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving


We had a pretty low-key, but Happy Thanksgiving. I went to CVS in the morning (they started their deals at 7:00 on Thanksgiving, it was a moral dilema for me to go shopping on the actual Holiday, but the deals were irresistable) I got almost $100 worth of products for $1.71 out of pocket. I also started with about $68 in ECBs (my CVS $$) and ended up with $83!! Then we went to watch Ken play in our ward's Turkey bowl. Abe had a blast walking around with all the other kids there. The Boyers came over for our meal. We prepared the turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and Ken's famous Pumpkin Cheesecake. Tami brought mashed potatoes, biscuits, layered Jello salad, and an apple pie. It was all so delicious. I could resist several snitches of the turkey before it was even cut! The Boyers stayed the night so we could head out bright and early on Black Friday. Unfortunately, we were pretty dissatistified with the deals and Jared is the only one who went out early. Tami and I hit up JoAnn's around 9 for $1.49 a yard flannel. We had a nice relaxing Holiday. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful family and wonderful friends. I'm grateful for our health and for our membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Congratulations Mr. Terry!!!


Ken has a good friend who used to be his roommate in Minnesota. They both ended up working here in the Raleigh area years later. His real name is Aaron Terry, but he has always affectionately been Mr. Terry to us. I think I knew him for at least 3 months before I ever learned his real name! On November 22nd we were priviledged to attend Mr. Terry's wedding. Tami graciously offered to keep Abe all day, so Ken and I had the day to ourselves! We usually have to rotate who attends the temple and who stays home, so this was the first time we'd been in the temple together since Abraham was born and it was so nice to be there for a sealing. After the sealing and before the reception we were able to go out to lunch together too (yummy Freckled Lemonade from Red Robin!). We had a great day and we are so happy for Mr and Mrs Terry! Congratulations. Below is a video I couldn't resist posting. I had heard rumors of the "Terry Tornado" and was happy to not only get to see it in person, but capture it on film! (again, sorry it is sideways...does anyone know how to get a video to flip?? I can never figure it out.)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Keepsakes


Ken with his brother Kale on his special Snoopy pillow.
It's faded, but yep, it is the same pillow case (definately NOT the same pillow)! It is now being enjoyed by Abe. Don't you think that little Ken and little Abe look so much alike??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Polly want a Cracker?


Lately we've started calling Abe our little parrot because he has become such a good imitator. I am constantly surprised at the things I see him imitate Ken and I do. It is pretty funny. He gets so smart and big each day. We had potato soup at Tami and Jared's the other day and Abe loved it. When his bowl was empty, I set it on his tray to show him it was empty. This was what he immediately did with it. Now, I don't know who he's seen do this behavior, but I reiterate it was at Tami's house this first happened.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

You Make the Caption


Okay, so here is a priceless video of Tami. You guys can listen to it with no volume and come up with a caption, then listen to it with volume if you want. Anway, it was pretty darn funny, to us. Madison had another opinion. She was very, very disturbed by what was going on.

Tami tried to tempt me into diving in myself, but as I sat down and pulled back my hair, I looked over and saw my neice, looking like this. I decided to forgo the cake for her sake, the celebration was for her after all.

Oh and for those wondering what the celebration was, you'll have to wait for a post on Tami's blog. I don't want to spoil her post!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!


Okay, so the best things in life you have to wait for. After much begging from people in our ward, and compiling, here are the best Halloween shots we have.

The whole family. Notice the Tootsie Roll in Abe's hand.

Slimer definately gets in the way of fighting off ghosts. We had a couple of kids dressed as ghosts, they ran away from us in panic all night long.

A close up of the Proton pack. Yes, it really did have flashing lights. They were pretty cool.

I give myself props for turning this pattern, for a 5 year old, into this costume, for a one year old. Notice the Cheeto in Abe's hand. These are the trophies Ken made for the costume contest. Tami took home Best Family Costume. Tami saved us by watching Abe during the Trunk or Treat. We would have never made it without her!

Trunk or Treating!

Dorothy looks grumpy. I think she wants to get back to her candy gathering! We had a great Halloween and hope that you all did too!!

I have a Family Here on Earth...


I have been working on these posts for awhile now, and I think, as we near Thanksgiving, it is finally time to begin publishing them. We recently experienced a death in our family, and it had really caused me to reflect on the people I love and those we call family. I realized that there were many things that I hoped my family would know if something were to happen to me, or to them. I want them to know who thankful I am to have them in my life. I have broken this up into several posts, so stay tuned as I spotlight the people I love the most, starting with MY DAD! Here is what I remember and love the most about my Dad. He is about the funniest guy you will ever meet. He can do imitations of all these different voices and there have been several times where I found 20+ messages on my machine, all in a different voice ("This is President Bush, commanding you to call your Father") He was always sure that we read scriptures and had family prayer. I remember countless times of finding him reading his own scriptures, praying, or writing in his journal. He is a vigilant journal writer. He is someone who always tries to do what is right and is very close to the Spirit. If Dad tells you that he "feels" you should do something or that something is going to be a certain way, then you listen. I remember water fights and gotcha last games that went on for days. I remember that he was always worthy and willing to give me a priesthood blessing. There was one night, early on in my college years, when I got sick. I'd been homesick and this was my first time being sick away from home. I called my Dad to get some sympathy and TLC. Less than 2 hours later there was a knock on my door. There stood my Dad, ready to give me a blessing. Even though it was late and he had to drive an hour and forty five minutes home and go to work the next day, he was ready and willing to honor his priesthood. I remember my Dad taking elaborate measures to ask me out on a Daddy-Daughter date. I remember all the sacrifices he made, so that we would be a happy and have not only the things we needed, but wanted. My son, Abraham, has a special bond with my Dad. He wouldn't leave him alone, the whole time we were with them. I'm sure Abe could sense how much his Grandpa loved him. I love you, Dad. Thanks for all that you've always done for me. If those who know my Dad would like to leave a comment with a favorite memory of him, I think that'd be great!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Costume Delay and Decency in the World


Alright, first let me clarify. I spent many, many hours on Abe's costume. Ken spent many, many hours on ours. They turned out awesome (if you are questioning that, ask Tami, she saw us!). Unfortunately, Abe hated his. Really hated his. He would only wear it if I was feeding him Tootsie Rolls or Cheetos. Thus, he only had it on for about 20 minutes. Also, I was in charge of our ward's Trunk or Treat, so I ran around all night like a crazy woman. Therefore, we as yet, do not have a picture of all of us in our costumes to post. We will get one, and we will post it, just give us some time....I have to pick up Tootsie Rolls on the after Halloween sales.
Secondly, I had an experience today I wanted to share. Abe and I drove down to the library this morning to pick up some books. Somehow he wrangled off not only his shoes, but his socks as well. I was about to check out and leave, so I just left them off. So, here is me, balancing and trying to check out my books (our library has self check out, so cool!) with one hand, and holding Abe, who really wanted down, in the other hand. I finally got done and I was trying to shove all the books in my bag, so we could leave. This man walks past us and I must say, upon first look, I was judgemental of him. He was wearing big oversized sweats and was eating his convience store Cheetos (yes, in the library! what a sin!) and just wasn't someone you'd want to meet in a dark alley. I proceeded to the door and he was waiting there, holding the door open. Very nice of him, so I said "thanks". He then proceeded to apologize to me, "I'm sorry ma'am, I wish I could carry your books to your car for you, but if I did I'd miss my bus that I have to catch. I hope you'll be okay by yourself." Now, how bad did I feel then for my earlier mis-judgement of him? What a polite young man. It is those kinds of experiences that keep my hope alive for this world, for the rising generation, for my kids.