Friday, July 30, 2010

Video Updates!


We thought we'd entertain everyone with a couple videos of the boys.
The first one is of Tyler walking. He picked up this new ability really quickly and is now walking all over the place. There are a few little Tyler quirks that I want to point out in the video. First, he has very fat feet. We have yet to find a pair of tennis shoes or Sunday shoes that will actually fit him. He has 2 pairs of crocs from Grandma Carlile and he loves to wear them. He brings them to me all the time, then sits on my lap so I'll put them on him. Somehow he though, always ends up with just one on. The other is his monkey pillow. Abraham has his "awww", which is his security pillow he sleeps with and drags around. Tyler loves to tease Abe by finding "awww" and lying on it, smothering his head into. Abe has begun giving Tyler the monkey pillow to trade and get "awww" back, so Tyler has begun to carry the monkey pillow around. It is pretty cute.

The second video is also Tyler and is just sweet, so I had to post it.
The third video is Abraham. He has a sweet tooth and tries to weasel a treat whenever he can get one. For Father's Day we gave Ken a bunch of sour candy and it included a bag of Atomic Warheads. Abe has been begging for one, so Ken got out the video camera and gave him one. If anyone needs a translation, he initially says "its yummy", then it gets sour and he says, "I'm thinking its really spicy". Ken and I have laughed and laughed over this video. What a cute boy our Hammer is!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Abraham's First Date


Yes, it was with me! We went to Rita's (of course!) and had the best time. Abraham told everyone he saw that we left Ty-Ty at home and it was just his turn. How cute is that?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I can Moo, can you?


This year, we decided that it was about time that we participated in Chick-Fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day. If you dress up as a cow, they give you a free meal. Seriously. So, we dressed up like cows and enjoyed our free, delicious lunch from Chick-Fil-A.
Umm, is this not the cutest little cow you've ever seen? Take note of his cowbell, we weren't messing around.And, of course, his tail. How cute is the tail?Here's our whole crew. Ken's sister, Kristy, and our neice and nephews are out visiting and joined us. Alexandra is the "Strawberry Cow". Pink milk, anyone?