Saturday, May 31, 2014

Memorial Day


We spent a couple of hours of our Memorial Day at Durant Nature Park. It was a beautiful perfect day and we had so much fun. We found turtles, took walks, played on the playground, and played Frisbee. If only Ken could take every day off work to play with us!

 I took about a million of these pictures of her on the swing. It was her first time and she was adorable. She loved it so much and kept clapping. 

 I really, really love this picture. Someone has Daddy wrapped all around her little finger. 

We are so grateful to the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. 

The faces of Annemarie


This first picture is classic Annemarie. 

Play Dough!


For a Friday Family Fun activity I made homemade play dough for the kids and let them do whatever they wanted with it. They couldn't believe that I didn't care if they mixed it. They spent several hours having fun.

 "Mom, where's my play dough??"

 I guess I'll be satisfied with a biter biscuit. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tyler is 5!!


Something about 5 seems so old. Where did my baby go? 
 He wanted Pop Tarts for breakfast..
 Then insisted we put a candle in it and sing Happy Birthday. 
 He got to open one present before church, but had to wait for the rest. 
 After church, he had to wait for Dad to get home, so by the time he actually got to open presents he was so excited. 

 Transformers...lots of transformers. 

 And a Transformer cake to go with it. 

Happy, happy , happy birthday Tyler! We love you. 

Field Trip


I got to be a chaperone for Abraham's field trip to Animal Days.

I had 2 boys in my group, along with Abraham and Annemarie. 
We waited in line SO long to hold these baby chicks!
Of course, free ice cream at the end was everyone's favorite!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Beach Bums


My kids have been asking us to take them to the beach for a long time. Like, years, probably. We finally decided to take the plunge and head out for a day trip. 
 Tyler loved the water. He wanted to be in the water the whole time. 
 Rex loved the sand. He would have dug and dug all day long. 
 The pretty little girl just hung out and observed, pretty much her MO.
 Abraham did a little of everything. 

 It was super windy. The umbrella didn't last long. 

 Running on the beach,
 and dancing in the sand. 
 I love this picture of Rex hugging Ken. 
 Annemarie took a nap on my shoulder. She doesn't like sleeping anywhere but her bed, so I cherished getting to snuggle with her for an hour. 
 We settled right in. 
 More beach dancing. 

Ken worked so hard to get pictures of the boys jumping. A couple turned out pretty good. 
 Right before we left, I introduced the boys to the concept of burying someone in the sand. They thought it was awesome. 
Rex wanted to bury himself over and over. Then he'd get up out of the sand like a zombie saying, "brains". 
 We left a little later than planned, and got stuck in some traffic, so we stopped on the way home to get Happy Meals for dinner. I couldn't have been happier with the toy! Usually I'm trying to throw them away as quick as possible. I think these will stick around for awhile. 

 Honestly, the beach really isn't my thing, but the kids had SO much fun I think we'll be heading back before too long.