Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marbles Museum


"This is what is at the museum?!?!?"

I know Charlotte and Tami have both already posted this, but I have to get mine up too. We loved this museum. I was hesitant to even go because I didn't think it would be applicable to Abe at all, but we both had a great time. I learned they did a children's music time, so we are excited to attend that next month. I also enjoyed using Charlotte's wonderful and amazing camera and getting some good pictures of Abe with it!

Last time Grandpa Tucker came, we didn't get a picture. We were sure to not make that mistake again!

We loved the big Legos! We can't wait to go back with Ken and build something cool.

We had to get some good pictures with Grandma Red too!

Look at me!

I'm learning to sit...looks dangerous, huh?

A beautiful picture of a beautiful baby!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Special Olympics


"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. " Special Olympics Athlete Oath Abraham and I attended the Wake County Track and Field Special Olympics today. My old students were participating, so we got to watch and cheer them on. One of the students from my school was even choosen to lead the athletes in the Special Olympics Oath during Opening Ceremonies. It was a little cold and windy, but luckily it didn't rain. We had a great time and I loved interacting with my students again. It always is so inspiring to watch an event such as this. You can see such pure happiness and enjoyment from the kids participating. They try their hearts out, but are just as willing to turn around and cheer for their competitor who might beat them. It always gives me a reality check for the things in my life that I complain about or get annoyed by. Maybe next time I'll just smile, be happy, and "be brave in the attempt".

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr. Gigglesworth and Mr. Grabboid


Abraham is a very good baby...most of the time. He has his moments though. When Abe was only a few months old, Ken began referring to the good baby as Dr. Gigglesworth and the "bad" baby as Mr. Grabboid (like Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde). Sometimes he's in a middle type mood and he gets called Dr. Grabboid or Mr. Gigglesworth. Ken and Abe were playing with his music toy the other day and Ken was taking some pictures. As we looked at them later, we realized we captured Abe's personalities. Look at the picture below. The real Abe is looking at us like a regular ol' Dr. Giggleworth....then look in the mirror and you'll see Mr. Grabboid ready to emerge at any minute!

Growing Up


We have had a crazy week here. My Mom came on Tuesday and my Dad surprised us all by showing up on Thursday! My sister Charlotte has been here from CT with her 6 kids too! I've got more pictures to come(we went to a great museum and I forgot my camera, so I have to get the pics from my mom and sister), but here are a few. My Mom likes to give Abe food. Since she's been here he's gotten to try an apple, a french fry, juice, and pizza crusts. He really likes eating big kid food, so we got him some of the Gerber Puffs (like cold cereal pieces, but they melt in your mouth to prevent choking hazards) and he really enjoys eating those. It is funny to see him make chewing motions with his 2 little teeth. He grabs everything he possibly can and tries to put it in his mouth, so he loves it when I actually give him something to put in his mouth!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Library and our friend Ben!


There is a library a couple miles down the road from our house. They have a Baby Lapsit on Mondays and Rhyme Time on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. Abraham and I like to attend with our good friends and neighbors across the street Ms. Jess and her son Ben (he is 3 months older than Abe). We also like to walk with them and have play dates on rainy days. We've been so fortunate to have such good friends so close. This week they sold their home and are moving in June. We are so sad to see them leave, although we know our friendship is one that will always last! These are some pictures from Lapsit today.

We were making funny faces to get them to look at us. They looked, but I guess the faces weren't that funny because neither one smiled!

I think Abe thought if he gave me a pity smile, I'd quit taking pictures!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring has Sprung!


Not much has happened for us lately. Abe went to the doctor last week and weighed in at 21 lbs! He has cut 2 teeth now and I think more are coming! He is starting to do really well sitting up and scoots himself in circles on the floor. He is such a happy boy and he loves the spring weather. We spend a lot of time outside walking and blowing bubbles and swinging at the park. He laughs and laughs while in the swings, it is so cute. I've started jogging with him and he really likes that too. Ken has been working hard at his new position at work. It has been a lot more work and a lot more hours, which isn't always fun. We took some pictures of the flowers that are blooming around our house and we have some lilies growing by the mailbox, but they haven't budded yet. Although, with the flowers comes the pollen. It is terrible here. You go out to your car and it has layer of yellow pollen dust, completely covering it. It is really gross and gets on everything! All said and done though, we are so happy for spring to have sprung!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

5 Month Birthday!!


Again, time has flown by! Abraham turned five months old last Thursday. He is getting so big! He is eating lots of different baby foods now, and loving them all! Sweet Potatoes and Squash are his favorite though. He also really likes peaches. He cut his first tooth this month! Which wasn't

as much fun as it might seem! He is still teething, and we are hoping his next tooth comes in soon!
He has learned to spit and loves to spit all the time! Especially while eating. He is so much more aware of his environment and has a lot more recognition of familiar things. He's still really wobbly sitting up and doesn't like rolling over, but he'll put everything he can find in his mouth!