Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rex is 10 Months Old!


Rex is 10 months old! Hooray. His first big and obvious news is that he finally got his glasses. He's done really well with them so far and as long as we keep his hands away for the first few minutes he wears them he'll leave them alone...until they get dirty or crooked, which happens a lot.  His eye hasn't made huge progress, but it also hasn't deteriorated which is good news. We've resumed his patching and that in combination with his glasses will hopefully give him the best vision he's had so far!
 He is mobile in every sense of the word right now. He crawls everywhere (even up stairs!) and pulls himself to stand whenever humanly possible. He thinks my hair is the perfect hold to use when trying to stand. He lets go and will stand on his own for a few seconds at a time, but hasn't yet tried to walk. He's so happy to be mobile and get where he wants.
 He is a great eater. He loves macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, smoothies, corn, rice, black beans, and fresh fruit, to name a few. He is happiest with a snack in his hand! He falls in the 80% for weight and 85% for height.
 He has developed an attachment to Lightning McQueen and will often be seen with one clutched in each fist. He's also started protesting his brothers taking things from him with a high pitched scream. He loves baths and swimming pools and chasing his brothers.
We love you Rex! Happy 10 months!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Anniversary!


6 wonderful years!!

NC Museum of Art


When Ken's parents were here he and his Dad took the 2 big boys on a walk at the local art museum. They have a great nature trail. 

 Pretty cute boys, if I say so myself!

 They'd dropped Ken's mom, Rex, and off at the mall and then came back to pick us up. When we were all finally heading home everyone was pretty worn out.

Friday, June 15, 2012



Rex got sick last week. It was one of those miserable, high fever viruses. It meant he was up every 45 minutes to an hour, ALL NIGHT LONG. It makes for very tired parents and grumpiness all around. Once he was finally feeling better we knew we were going to have a night where we let him cry it out so he'd no longer think we would be getting up with him all night. The night we let him cry it out, he cried for about 30 minutes then fell asleep. About a half hour after he fell asleep, I figured I'd better check on him. This is what I found. The kid looks like he's in jail. "Please someone let me out!" 
 Of course I ran and got Ken and told him to bring the camera. We took a couple pictures, then laid him down and he slept peacefully the rest of the night and every night since! Hooray!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cotton Candy


For his birthday, Tyler wanted to eat dinner at Golden Corral. There are several reasons my children love that restaurant, but the biggest reason is the cotton candy machine. They hadn't put any out while we were there, so I asked one of the staff about it. I told them it was my son's birthday and he came here just for that reason.  They started up the machine immediately and cranked out some cotton candy for him. Every kid in the place was secretly thanking me. 
I'll let the pictures below speak for themselves. Abraham just may become a model some day because his skills at posing for pictures are just phenomenal.