Wednesday, March 31, 2010

10 Months!! No, I can't believe it either!


Tyler had his 10 month birthday last week. I cannot believe how time has flown by. He is growing leaps and bounds these days. He loves to pull himself to stand and has started cruising along everything he can get to. He loves to play cars with his brother. He's has 5 teeth now, with a 6th coming in. Baby food is definately a thing of the past and he not only wants to eat what we eat, but wants to feed it to himself. It makes for messy mealtimes, that's for sure. He is still a very much a momma's boy, but it doing better at staying with other people. He is not a very good sleeper and still usually wakes up at least once a night. We've been letting him cry it out and put himself back to sleep, so hopefully he'll be sleeping better soon. He's been babbling a lot more lately as well. It cracks me up to hear Abraham call out every time Tyler talks, "Mom, he just said __________". We love our little guy and are so happy he is part of our family.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Train Table


Some friends of ours gave us this lovely train table awhile back. Abraham spends a majority of his play time here. Until recently, it was also a "safe" place for things he wanted to keep from Tyler. That is definately no longer the case. Abraham is getting a hands on lesson in sharing, and Tyler is just loving doing everything his brother does.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I couldn't resist the Cuteness!


Here are some fun videos of the boys, simply because I couldn't resist their cuteness!
Tyler was very happy eating his strawberries for dinner. He's really started talking and babbling. It is so cute when he says "mama" or "dada" because Abe gets really excited and always calls out, "Mom! Tyler said mama/dada to me!".
Abraham's favorite song is the "Boo" song. For those who don't know it, here is an interpretation of what he's singing:
Halloween, Halloween. Lots of fun on Halloween.
Black cats and bats. Skeletons too.
Ghosts and Goblins all say Boo!
Pumpkins with eyes, shiny and bright,
Make me shiver with fright.
My favorite part of the video is at the end though. What a funny little boy he is!

I had to throw these pictures in too because I also can't resist that toothy grin!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sleepy Time Kim


It has been awhile since I've had a good "talking in my sleep" moment. With Tyler's terrible sleeping habits, I was just too tired and slept too soundly. Now, thanks to tubes, Tyler is sleeping pretty regularly from 7/7:30 at night until 6/6:30 in the morning. Unfortunately for me (fortunately for all of you who like to laugh at my sleepy time shinaningans) this means I have begun to talk in my sleep again.

Kim: "Its all about Blackbeard"
Ken: "The pirate?"
Kim: "Yeah, you don't want to go and disrupt his day"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dreaming of Spring


We've had a respite from cold weather here and have absolutely loved being able to spend some time outside. On Friday and Saturday we all went to the park and had such a wonderful time. We came home for our first ice cream cones of the season, and for Tyler, his first ice cream cone ever! Hooray Spring! We welcome you with open arms!
(On a totally unrelated side note, it has been over 2 days since I last nursed Tyler! Although I'm still pumping, we are gradually moving to all formula and I must admit, I'm very happy about this change in our lives!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

9 Month Birthday!


It has taken me awhile to get this posted (our computer broke!), but Tyler turned 9 months old on February 25th. I always love this milestone because it signifies when he has been out in the world longer than he was in the womb. He has grown so much this last month. He is very mobile now and even pulls himself to stand. He loves to push cars around (surprise, surprise). He loves to play with Abraham and it is so fun for me to watch them actually begin to play together. Abraham can make him laugh so hard and they are just the best brothers. Since his tubes were put in he is also sitting up really well and babbling quite a bit. He is sleeping most nights from 7 PM until 5:30 - 6:30 AM, which has been so wonderful. He had his 9 month appointment yesterday and we were surprised to learn he had gained less than a pound since his 6 month appointment, moving him from 95% to about 75% for weight. We were happy to hear that his head was actually on the charts now, at 97%! He also has now grown in his top front teeth. It is so adorable to see those little nubby teeth when he smiles!We are in the process of weaning Tyler to a bottle, and it has gone fairly well. He is only nursing once a day now and is drinking bottles that are half pumped milk and half formula. He is becoming such a big boy and we just love him to death.

Abraham wanted to show off his new haircut. I finally just took the buzzers to him and made it really short.