Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Nursery

Ken worked hard to get the nursery ready. After we picked out the crib set we wanted he got to work and painted the nursery and the five pictures to match. I must admit that I love the monkies hanging from the vine! Now all we need is a baby!!!!


gsporter said...

This looks nothing like a "propper Carlile nursery". Where are the wookies? Where is professor X? Where is the blow dart gun? How will the child be stimulated??

Ashton and Lydia Buswell said...

I am so proud of you throwing monkeys into the ceiling fan! When Ashton and I went out there I thought about you nearly the whole time--gettysburg, harpers ferry. We have so many good memories don't we. I would love to come out there to NC and visit you guys! Ashton wrestled at UNC and still has many friends out there. I'm sure we'll make a trip someday.
PS Abraham is so cute! I hope you're doing well.