Saturday, November 3, 2007

Abraham's First Halloween

After weeks of sadly passing up all the cute baby Halloween clothes (because Abe wasn't due until Nov 4) I had to send Ken on an emergency run to Target so he would have something appropriate to wear for our favorite Holiday!!
We knew exactly what we wanted for Abraham's first Halloween costume! Abraham Lincoln is a personal hero of mine and one of the reason's little Abe has his name. He was a good sport with the hat and the beard and let's face it, doesn't he look adorable?!?!?!? (Don't worry, we only kept it on him for a few minutes!)

Someone called us out on our "cute" nursery, saying it wasn't a true Carlile nursery ... that is just because we hadn't introduced them to Uncle Jason yet! He is a great sitter for Abraham and I must admit, we don't worry that anyone will try and hurt our son while he is in Uncle Jason's care!


Aaron said...

I love the Abraham outfit. Adorable. I read a book a few months ago called Love is Eternal. It's about Mary Todd and Abe Lincoln's relationship. You should read it.

parrishfamilyspot said...

so very cute. I love the costume and I have to admit I am a little freaked out by the Jason Picture. Abe is beautiful and his first Halloween costume will be a treasured picture forever.

Elise said...

i love his otfit the one with him as aberham linckon