Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two Month Birthday!!

I can't believe that our little buddy is two months old already! He is getting so big. We are taking bets at how much he'll weigh on his two month appointment, which is set for January 9th! He is smiling and giggling so much now, and really is starting to love his toys and looking at bright, colorful things. It is so fun to watch him entertain himself!! He has recently found his hands and loves to play with them. We put him in his Chipmunk shirt because he is constantly making a little chipmunk giggling sound. We love you Abe!


Davis Family said...

Ashton's 2 month apointment is this week we will see who is winning. I know Ashton is over 13 lbs and is eating all the time to try to pass up his cousin!! He already passed him in the cuteness category, but who is counting right?

Barlow said...

What a cute kid!

latermom said...

I never saw the answer to the poll question! Stop the SUSPENSE!