Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Barbeque Anyone??

Ken noticed a little bird hanging out by our barbeque. He'd had a friend who had a bird build a nest in his barbeque, so he thought he'd check ours, just to be sure nothing was going on.
Lucky for us that he checked, because look what he found!!!! Fortunately no eggs had been laid yet, so we could clean it out with a clear conscience.
If there had been eggs, we would have been out a grill until the baby birds hatched, I think we caught it just in time because that is one big nest!
Now just a few remnants are there, but we are planning to grill later this week so all the other birds will know that this is one grill that is OFF LIMITS to them!!!
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Brown Family said...

That's crazy. I'm glad he didn't go get the grill fired up before he checked inside.

Emily said...

I better go check our bbq, crazy!

Head Tuckers said...

I use ours every day. I think I would have just had scrambed eggs on day. I don't look inside before I turn the grill on.

Davis Family said...

That is crazy, was it the bird in the picture that built the nest? because that bird was tiny and that nest was gigantic! At first I thought it was a set up picture!

latermom said...

Holy Cow~ I think we always turn our grill on to heat up before we open it too! Glad there weren't any eggs in it (although I don;t think we would have waited for the eggs to hatch before we fixed the problem. There are tons of birds that live in the WalMart here. Thet fly all around while you're shopping.