Monday, September 15, 2008

Vacation - Leaving SLC

Although our trip to Utah wasn't exactly what we'd had in mind, we were very grateful to be with the Carlile family. We enjoyed seeing everyone and loved the time Abe was able to play with his cousins, especially Clayton. Little Clay-Dog is just a couple months older than Abraham. I remember having so much fun with the cousins my age growing up, so I am glad that Abe has 4 cousins all within 6 months of his age! I am determined he'll be best buddies with them all! We also were able to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Bodily before we left. Abe terrorized all the electronics in their home, but I loved seeing Grandpa on the floor playing with my little guy. I left SLC and flew to Albuquerque to stay with my parents for a week (there were no flights to El Paso from Salt Lake) and Ken stayed one more day and then flew back to Raleigh.

They had so much fun playing in the suitcase...why spend money on expensive toys, right?
Right after bathtime...2 clean boys!

They shared and played very well together....most of the time.
What? You talkin' to us?

Abe's got his eye on something he's not supposed to have, I'm sure!

I can see some resemblance, can't you?


Tucker Mom said...

Now the fun begins right? I love the pictures with my parents. Wow Abe is bigger than his cousin isn't he.

Davis Family said...

Abe is bigger than a lot of people :) Glad you had fun. It is our turn to get you next right? I mean we do have 2 of those cousins that are within 2 days-6 months right?

Charlotte said...

Your baby is very cute. I double checked to see if you wrote OLDER cousin or not. Abe will be passing Matthew any day now (2T is still a little small for him). Glad you had fun and got to see Grandma and Grandpa, too!