Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vacation - Part 4 - White Sands

Yes, I know Part 3 has been skipped. We will return to that later, I promise. So, after we left Utah we flew to El Paso to stay with my parents. They have recently moved into a new home and we were their first visitors! Their new house is amazing and we loved it. My Dad, Gordon (my brother) and Jessica (his wife) and Ken all took a day off and we drove all over New Mexico. Our first stop was White Sands. It was gorgeous there and after getting over his initial discomfort of walking in sand, Abraham had a wonderful time sledding.

He wouldn't take off his shoes, but by the time we left, he was "digging" in the sand every few steps.

Ken and my Dad were the most adventurous sledders, by far.

Tyler didn't get to play in the sand, but he had fun hanging out.

Who was having more fun, Kim or Abe?

My crazy parents.

Abraham and his Grandpa ... peas in a pod.

I LOVED this silhouette shot of us. Such beautiful scenery.


GordonTucker said...

Looks like fun, sorry I couldn't make it to White sands, but glad I could make the rest of the trip

Davis Family said...

My kids LOVE white sands. Looks pretty. Can't wait for part I am curious.

Shalise said...

How fun! I don't love snow sledding, but I think that I could love sledding on the sand!

Tucker Mom said...

Anyone who would like to try their hand at sledding in the sand just come and visit. We have lots of room and really love visitors. We enjoy going to white sands and in the evening it isn't hot but just right. Glad Kim and Family could come a visit. We still miss Hamner and Ty Ty.

Charlotte said...

White sands is so fun! You need to take that child to beach more often. What is up with the refusing to take off his sandals?

Mom at Our House said...

I love the silhouette pic, so awesome!
When I see pics like those, I think my Dad and yours must be the coolest Grandpa's in the world!

the Derek & Crickett show said...

i love that last shot too! how cool is that!