Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spontaneous Dancing ... an addition

So, I saw this post at my sister's blog this morning and it made me smile & made me a little sad at the same time. You see, I was the sister who had already left and missed this great fun. I was also sad to not see any of my nieces or nephews break out into the Later Family Dance (which I so graciously taught them many years ago). Anyway, as dancing is an integral part of our day, Abraham wanted to add his dancing skills to his cousins. So, just imagine him in there with the others, dancing his heart away!
(And sorry, we don't have any Hannah Montana. We dance to Yo Gabba Gabba around here)
(Also, if you were about to ask, Abe is wearing underwear ... he is also wearing a diaper underneath them. We, against my better judgement, have started potty training. Oh and he is wearing Glow in the Dark Halloween underwear, life doesn't get much better than that!)


Charlotte said...

He is cute. I was surprised the Later family dance didn't show up either (I think it is because the Hannah Montana song had directions for dancing in it).

How did you get him to dance sideways like that? ;)

Shalise said...

Cute! I hate potty training...Em can totally do it and will tell me 'I should potty train', but she refuses to actually commit. I hope you have better luck!

Tucker Mom said...

I liked the way he danced on the wall. Good luck with the potty training.

Boyer Family said...

I love to watch that kids dance! So fun! He's going to be the life of the party in high school!

Abs said...

Speaking of road trips...Sheesh you guys had a far journey!!

I love when little boys in their glow-in-the-dark undies dance around the house. So cute!

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