Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Abraham

For Abraham's birthday we decided to go to the Department of Transportation museum. It was AWESOME! We practically had the place to ourselves and the kids were able to run and explore. They have lots of old cars and train cars. There are several you can climb on and through. We also took a ride on the turntable, right after we saw it in use for a real train engine. We will definately be making a trip back there!

Doesn't he look handsome??

All the old cars were awesome, but Abe loved the "race car slugbug"

Look at that smile!!!!!

Ken and I were there, we just weren't in many of the pictures. The man who ran the turntable thought it was great that Abraham loved cars and trains so much. He gave him a little Race Car movie for a birthday gift. The boys watched it on the way home and apparantly it was very enthralling.Abraham requested the "pizza shop" (aka CiCi's pizza) for dinner, so we met the Boyers there. Then we came back to our house for presents and cake. Abe loved all gifts and spent a half a second looking at each one before he was ready to move on to the next one. He wanted a dump truck cake. He's asked for one for months now. I'd made him a dump truck cake for his first birthday and didn't feel like repeating, so he got a very simple cake this year. Ken did draw a dump truck on it with frosting, so everyone was happy!It is obvious that even though it was simple, it tasted good and everyone loved it!Happy Birthday sweet Hammer! We love you so much and are so glad that you came to our family. You make us laugh and are such a sweet boy.


Three Men and a Little Lady said...

Where is this place? Awesome!

Charlotte said...

That sounds like the perfect place to bring Abe for his birthday. I can't believe he is THREE!!

Sandy said...

Okay, seriously!! That picture of you with the screaming lady is the best. I'm in love with you both!

andrea said...

Sounds like a perfect 3 year old boy birthday party! I can't believe how grown up Ty is looking, too!

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Happy Birthday Abe! I love the conductor hat!