Monday, March 21, 2011

My Picky Eater

Tyler has entered a new phase the last month or so (please oh please let it just be a phase) in which he doesn't eat. Anything. Ever. Okay, I take it back, he'll eat raisins and frozen go-gurts, but let's be honest that is only going to take a kid so far. He'll go days without eating more than a few bites of food. It can be quite frustrating and we are worried about the weight he is losing. I've been trying to figure out ways I can sneak healthy foods into things that otherwise seem like treats or snacks. Our first success?? "Green" Smoothies.
1 cup frozen fruit (we used half blueberries, half strawberries)
1 cup fresh spinach
1 yogurt cup, any flavor
1 1/2 cups milk
I also add a spoonful of sugar
(this is enough for the 2 boys and myself)
Abraham and Tyler have both devoured them the last few mornings! (Notice the uneaten waffle next to him)
If Ken is home (he said they taste "earthy" but are okay and still eats them), I'll double the recipe and then use the leftovers to make these handy "popsicles", which the kids also devour, for dessert... insert evil mom laugh here!

Anybody out there know of any other good ways to trick a kid into eating? Especially something that is somewhat healthy?? All suggestions are welcome!


Rachelle said...

Sam has gotten fairly picky as well, although he doesn't sound as bad as Tyler. We also do smoothies all the time. Another thing Sam likes is just a plain old spoonful of peanut butter. Good protein and fills him up. Also you can try yogo-pops. Just freeze yogurt just like your popsicles. Sam loves those (especially when he was teething.) and you can sneak fruit in them as well. And if all else fails you could try the Jessica Seinfield thing and make spinach brownies and stuff like that. Good luck.

Tucker Mom said...

Sounds good (?) I love spinach but in a smoothie, maybe not for me. Good luck getting him to eat, try whole wheat muffins, you guys always wolfed them down.

Brenda said...

Have you tried McDonalds......hamburgers and french fries....they have gotten my kids through several picky spells, nothing beats the nutrition either.

I am only half kidding by the way...whatever works right?

Ashton goes weeks without really eating anything either. He is only 20% weight, but has the energy of all the kids put together so I don't worry.

Charlotte said...

Ryan went through a picky eating stage. But he loved buffets, so we would take him once a month or so to make sure he loaded up. Smoothies are some of my kids favorite. But I omit the spinach and sugar. And I use apple juice as the base liquid, not milk.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

We eat green smoothies daily. They're a funny color but otherwise you can't taste the spinach. We also use kale and occasionally swiss chard.

Cole really likes kale chips - he eats them like potato chips.

We've done a lot of bribery to get each of our kids through the picky phase.

Sandy said...

I have the Jessica Seinfeld book if you want it...I'll send it your way...just let me know!

Amy M said...

My SIL secretly stuffed peas into french fries because they were the only things that her kid would eat. I also believe in bribery. What a kid won't do for candy or gum!

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Getting kids to eat can be so frustrating!!!! (the many exclamation points cannot possibly express how strongly I mean that!)

Okay remind me to tell you about my newest tactic with getting food into Ellie's sweet little mouth.

Keep up the good work, he'll appreciate it one day!