Saturday, April 16, 2011

Singing in the Rain

My sister took these great pictures when my kids were hanging out at her house! I thought they were too cute not to post. (and those of you who follow my sister's blog and couldn't see them on there can actually see them now!)

Abe and Dallin are the best of buds.

Please pardon Abe's too small orange vest. For some reason he insists upon wearing it every so often.

Love the smile on that little boy of mine!! There's some sunshine on a rainy day!!


Tucker Mom said...

They all look so related. Such cute smiles on all their faces. Oh how I love those kids. Such sweet hearts.

andrea said...

cutie pies! My kids went out in the rain the other day, and we only had one umbrella. I think maybe we should invest in some cute ones like those!

Phillips Family said...

I think that vest is the life vest from back to the future.

Charlotte said...

Very cute. I'm glad to (finally) see the pictures.