Thursday, May 26, 2011

Easter in Utah

We loved being with the Carlile's on Easter. We started out with a huge Easter egg hunt on Saturday morning. Abraham won 3 different big prizes in his eggs! Tyler had no problem realizing what those plastic eggs really meant, CANDY!Later that afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs at Aunt Carie's house. I am ashamed to admit that my children had never dyed eggs before. Abe had fun dying eggs, Tyler enjoyed being able to play with the trains in the basement again.On Sunday after church Ken, Kale (his brother), and his Dad hid the 250 Easter eggs in the backyard. Each child had 25 eggs of a certain color they had to find. The little kids did great finding all their eggs.

The older kids' eggs were a little more tricky. I think Alexandra is still missing 2 eggs out there somewhere...

Cooper and Casey found the gold and silver eggs this year. They each contained a $5 bill!

I hope everyone had as happy an Easter as we did!

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Tucker Mom said...

Glad you got to go. Looks like fun