Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy 4 Months Rex!

Our sweet, chubby boy is 4 months old! After looking at the following pictures you won't be surprised to hear that he is 96% for weight and height!

He is so happy and mellow. He is content 95% of the time.
He is still sleeping well and has taken to solids like a champion!

At his last eye appointment his right eye wasn't doing as well as they'd like so we are still patching for 4 hours a day. We had our first experience with losing his contact and miraculously finding it (go Tami!!).

Someday he will hate me for this picture, but oh how I love his cute chubbiness!
What a blessing Rex is in our home!

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Tucker Mom said...

He is a cute one alright. Can't believe he is that old. Hope the contact thing works out ok. Miss you guys.