Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rex is ONE!

On August 11th, our sweet Rex turned one! Since he loves swimming and being in water, I decided to have a fish themed birthday for him. We started with pizza for dinner with blue Jell-o and Swedish fish. 
The big boys had been waiting all day to eat the yummy food.

 We were happy that the Boyers could join us for the celebration. 
 Dallin was happy too!
 I made 2 different types of cupcakes: First I made sharks. 

 Then I made some fishes.
 He had fun watching everyone else open his presents. He didn't quite get that part. 
 He definitely enjoyed the new toys though! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Red and Grandma and Grandpa Carlile for the awesome presents they sent.
 The eating of the cake is always my favorite part of a first birthday!

 Our friend, Leisa Nelson has held Rex during church since he was a newborn. He loves her and they are such good friends. We were happy to have them join us for our celebration. When I asked her to stand by Rex for a picture, he kindly shared his cake with her!
 Ken was calling him Brainy Smurf all night. 
 We couldn't believe how clean his glasses stayed!

A few things about Rex on his birthday:
*He is getting better at walking. He's still not super confident yet though.
*He loves to swim and will spend hours in the pool
*He gives kisses ALL the time! He's so loving.
*He doesn't say many words, but he makes this cute sound. It sounds like he's saying "tickle, tickle"
*He loves to play with his brothers and wishes he were a big boy.
*He sleeps really good at night, but doesn't like his naps very much.
*There is a show on Netflix called the Laurie Berkner band, he's crazy about it.
*He does really good keeping his glasses on most of the time. His vision is so much improved and we couldn't be happier about it.
*He's the happiest baby in the entire world. He smiles all the time and you just can't help but love and smile back at him.
We're so glad you came to our family Rex! We love you so much. Happy Birthday!!


Amy M said...

I agree. With all of that frosting on his face, Brainy Smurf seems an appropriate name for Rex. What girl doesn't love a nerd? So cute.

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Cute cupcakes, both kinds! Rex is definitely our favorite 1 year old (though he still gets called "Baby Rex" around here). Happy Birthday Rex!!