Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy 40th Birthday to Ken!!!

Ken celebrated his 40th birthday on Friday the 13th and who doesn't want to have their 40th  birthday on Friday the 13th?? We surprised him and had all 3 of his siblings fly out for the weekend! I was thrilled that I kept the surprise in tact and he had no idea until they showed up. It was such a fun weekend and we loved every minute!
 The kids loved their aunts and uncles. We were so glad they could spend some quality time with them.

 The kids couldn't leave Uncle Kale alone. They loved wrestling and playing with him. That night after he had left Rex told me he didn't feel good. When I asked what was wrong he said he was sad. When I asked why he replied, "Because he left me." So cute. 

 We took a day trip up to the chapel at Duke University. It was pouring rain, but we still had fun. 

 There may have been a few shenanigans. 

Happy Birthday Ken! You are the best husband and father we could ask for. 

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Sue said...

Thanks for the pictures. We're glad you all had a good time together. The other cousins are also anxious to play with Abe, Tyler, Rex, and Annemarie.