Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tucker Family Reunion

For now, I'm skipping my second Utah post. I'll get to it eventually. After 2 weeks in Utah, we rented a van and drove to my sister's house in Washington. We spent the night there and then headed to the Oregon Coast, Lincoln City, to be exact. We had a huge beach house, right on the ocean, with direct beach access. It was cold, but not too cold, and we had a wonderful time.

Some crazy people actually went in that cold, freezing water. My brother in law, Bryan, had several wet suits that they wore, but still....crazy.
 Here is the view of the house from the beach. It is the dark brown house in the middle. If you really look you can see the stairs leading straight up to it. The only house with direct beach access.
 All of the girl cousins loved on Annemarie the whole time. Free babysitting...score.
 I told my boys not to play in the sand while we were waiting for everyone for pictures to start. They are so good at listening.
 My brother, Barlow, and his family.
 My oldest sister, Charlotte, and her family.
 Abraham, when told to "pose" for the picture.
 Quite possibly the best family picture we have to date. Squinty eyes and all.
 My brother, Gordon, and his family.
 My sister, Brenda, and her family.
My sister, Tami, and her family.
 The whole group.
 Of course, things quickly got out of control.
 The fun you can do with a camera timer.
 I love this picture of baby Annemarie on the beach.
 All of the adults.

 And the two crazy kids that started it all....

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