Thursday, January 31, 2008

Abe's First "REAL" Snow

So we had a lot of people give us trouble about our earlier post, Abe's First Snow. I still hold to the fact that it was his first snow, but after our trip to Utah and Washington, he now knows what snow really is! None of us were used to the cold and I thought Ken's mom was going to kill him if he pegged her with one more snowball (I was just glad he was throwing them at her and not me!) but it was fun to be back in the snowy weather for awhile again!
Our neighbor across the street loaned us a snowsuit to bring and we were so grateful to have something warm to put him in. I think he got a little too comfortable though because he would always fall fast asleep when wearing it!


Emily said...

Abe looks so adorable in that snow suit!! If I was bundled up that warm and cozy, I would totally curl up and go to sleep. Makes me sleepy just thinking of it! :)

Head Tuckers said...

Now he has seen his first snow. If I was all warm and someone carried me around I would be sleeping too. Too cute.

Boyer Family said...

I can't believe how much snow is in these pictures!