Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Marbles Museum

"This is what is at the museum?!?!?"

I know Charlotte and Tami have both already posted this, but I have to get mine up too. We loved this museum. I was hesitant to even go because I didn't think it would be applicable to Abe at all, but we both had a great time. I learned they did a children's music time, so we are excited to attend that next month. I also enjoyed using Charlotte's wonderful and amazing camera and getting some good pictures of Abe with it!

Last time Grandpa Tucker came, we didn't get a picture. We were sure to not make that mistake again!

We loved the big Legos! We can't wait to go back with Ken and build something cool.

We had to get some good pictures with Grandma Red too!

Look at me!

I'm learning to sit...looks dangerous, huh?

A beautiful picture of a beautiful baby!


Charlotte said...

Cute pictures! Good thing you had such a nice camera handy. Glad you posted the Tucker sign. I was going to, but I already had a million pictures to post.

Boyer Family said...

Wasn't Charlotte's camera amazing. You'll have to remind me to download them next time I come over. Way cute baby, we were so glad you came!

Charlotte said...

PS- Pillow Talk is hilarious. It really gave me a smile (plus, having grown up with you I know it is totally plausible)

Andrea said...

that baby is too darn cute. We'll have to borrow Charlotte's camera too so our kids can look cute. love the pillow talk.

Davis Family said...

Yeah, whenever the Laters come here for vacation we will use their camera!! Cute kid. I cant believe how well he eats and smiles!! We miss him. (I loved the pillow talk too, especially the coupon one!)

Head Tuckers said...

The sad thing was your mother was there and you didn't love her even as much as the coupons. Museum was so much fun glad that you came. Love the bug eyes. Abraham does that all the time when you surprise him. Cute baby.

GordonTucker said...

Abe is getting so big! I totally missed this post somehow... I was looking over your posts and saw this and was like 'where did this come from?'