Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Growing Up

We have had a crazy week here. My Mom came on Tuesday and my Dad surprised us all by showing up on Thursday! My sister Charlotte has been here from CT with her 6 kids too! I've got more pictures to come(we went to a great museum and I forgot my camera, so I have to get the pics from my mom and sister), but here are a few. My Mom likes to give Abe food. Since she's been here he's gotten to try an apple, a french fry, juice, and pizza crusts. He really likes eating big kid food, so we got him some of the Gerber Puffs (like cold cereal pieces, but they melt in your mouth to prevent choking hazards) and he really enjoys eating those. It is funny to see him make chewing motions with his 2 little teeth. He grabs everything he possibly can and tries to put it in his mouth, so he loves it when I actually give him something to put in his mouth!


Emily said...

Oh the milestones!! How fun Abe gets to try out all the fun grown up food!
One of the best things we ever bought with my boys at this age is a cool thing like this one: http://store.babycenter.com/product/code/3925.do
They loved it, and they ate so much more fresh food with it. My boys especially love the apples and bananas ini it!
How fun!

Davis Family said...

Ashton still only likes banana baby food. He will sometimes tolerate other types of baby food, but usually cries about it until I give in and open a jar of bananas. Wish these two could play together!

Andrea said...

If you think it is funny to see Abe chew with 2 teeth, you should have seen Addie- she didn't have any teeth until she was 9 months old. That is so cute that he is eating big-people food, he's getting so old!

josh and rach said...

I can't believe how fast he has grown!! And I have to agree with the first post on the fresh food eater...great little gadget!!

Charlotte said...

He is definitely cute! Mom has always loved feeding the kids. I think she was the first one to give all of them french fries and milk (although when you have a toddler and a baby, they get a lot of chances to be fed when you aren't looking. I bet Andrea and Brenda can vouch for that right now and Tami soon (I hope).)