Monday, May 12, 2008

$20, Sleep, a real DATE!, and Mother's Day!

I have a lot to blog about. First of all, I put a pair of pants on the other day that I haven't worn since before I was pregnant with Abe. I was very excited to find this in the pocket!

Don't you love it when that happens???

A sleepy update...Abe is definately getting the hang of things. We've had a few nights where I've had to get up and put the paccy in his mouth, but for the most part he's sleep from 9:00 - 6:00, then eating and sleeping until 7:30 or 8. I can definately live with this! This is a picture from when he fell asleep in his high chair eating dinner...this kid can sleep anywhere!!!

On Friday, my Mom came over and stayed with Abraham so Ken and I could go on a date! It was really exciting. We left him around 4:45 and headed to dinner and a movie. We ate at Carolina Ale House (the BEST fries ever!) and then saw Iron Man (we both really enjoyed it, but it was a little on the violent side)

Finally, my first Mother's Day! Ken took my mom and I to the Golden Corral breakfast buffet on Saturday morning (which was delcious and fun until Abe gagged on a piece of banana and puked everywhere). He also bought me a bouquet of yellow roses!! My favorite! On Sunday, his meetings were cancelled and he made me breakfast and dinner while I got to clip coupons and play on Mom's Nintendo DS. It was a really nice day. I love being a mom and Abe is the best little guy...I mean look at that can you not love a smile like that??


Jessica Tucker said...

sounds like your date was lots of fun! I love to find money in my pockets. 2 weeks ago I found $3.00 :)

Emily said...

What an awesome post, full of one after another wonderful things! Glad the sleeping is going well, and perfect timing for you on your mothers day...and hip hurray for a date. Nothing better!

Sandy said...

Now that Abe is sleeping through the night, here is my date secret. We would put the baby down for the night and then have the baby sitter come over. Even though it makes for a late night date, it doesn't matter too much because you know Abe won't be getting up too early. It also means you can get a teenager to babysit without worrying because they won't have to do anything but watch TV! We went on many a late night date when Andrew was little!

Davis Family said...

Wow, $20??? I guess I would have to have $20 cash sometimes in order to find it in my pocket. So glad he is sleeping well. Ashton has slept through the night for 2 nights in a row! It is amazing to wake up at 6:30 and not be tired!

Andrea said...

THAT'S where I left my money! Oh well, just send it on over, please.

Boyer Family said...

Sweet! You could buy all of CVS for that much money! Abe is so cute!