Monday, January 25, 2010

8 Months Old!!!

Tyler turned 8 months old today and he got an exciting gift ... he was scheduled for tubes surgery for this Friday morning. We visited the ENT earlier and, big surprise, Tyler had double ear infections AGAIN! They put him at high priority for the surgery and started him immediately on a heavy duty antibiotic so that he'd be ready for surgery. We are only a little nervous, mostly excited that he will finally be healthy.
In other news, he is starting to ditch the army crawl and climb up on his hands and knees. He still can't sit up for long (darn that big head), but he is definitely getting better at it. We have learned that he loves yogurt and will eat baby foods that he previously wouldn't eat if we mix it with some vanilla yogurt. His happy personality still shines through his ear infection grumpiness and it is obvious he adores his brother (most of the time).

We love this sweet little boy!


Emily said...

Oh poor boy! Elliot started ear infections about this same age, and had them constantly for about 2 months. The only way we could get rid of them was the antibiotic shots. Yuck, yuck. I hope they meds help him feel better, and all the surgery goes well!

Tucker Mom said...

Can't believe he is that old. Hope the surgery helps him feel better. He probably will become such a mild happy baby. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Abs said...

Bless his little heart for having to go through surgery and double ear infections. He is so stinking cute!