Thursday, March 18, 2010

I couldn't resist the Cuteness!

Here are some fun videos of the boys, simply because I couldn't resist their cuteness!
Tyler was very happy eating his strawberries for dinner. He's really started talking and babbling. It is so cute when he says "mama" or "dada" because Abe gets really excited and always calls out, "Mom! Tyler said mama/dada to me!".
Abraham's favorite song is the "Boo" song. For those who don't know it, here is an interpretation of what he's singing:
Halloween, Halloween. Lots of fun on Halloween.
Black cats and bats. Skeletons too.
Ghosts and Goblins all say Boo!
Pumpkins with eyes, shiny and bright,
Make me shiver with fright.
My favorite part of the video is at the end though. What a funny little boy he is!

I had to throw these pictures in too because I also can't resist that toothy grin!!


Brenda said...

ha ha, a stinky carlile! How funny. Those are some cute boys. Abe is quite the little singer, they will love him in primary next year.

andrea said...

soooooo cute!!! I really can't believe Abe is the same age as Jace. More videos!

Tucker Mom said...

I am glad you couldn't resist. They really are very cute boys. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to spend time with them in person.

Shalise said...

So cute! Their videos make me laugh. Tyler looks so much like you!

Charlotte said...

Definitely cute little guys!

Charlotte said...

P.S. "On what?" "On the ship" and "Stinky Carlile" are extra hilarious!

Boyer Family said...

Cutest pictures of Tyler ever! They really capture his personality. Love the videos too. Your kids are so funny!

Amy M said...

I love those squinchy-faced smiles. They're definitely my favorite.

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

I love it! Such cuties!