Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing Rex Kale Carlile!

On August 11, 2011 at 9:34 PM we welcomed 8 lb 11 oz, 21 inches long Rex Kale Carlile into our family. He is beautiful and I must warn you there are a lot of pictures to follow. As much as I hate the "I just delivered a child and now you want to take my picture?" shot, I think it is kind of mandatory to include it.
I went into labor at 3:30 that afternoon while driving in my car. I pretty much knew it was the real thing immediately, even though it was 15 days before my due date. This picture is with our doctor, he has delivered all 3 of my boys now!
After dropping the boys off and making it to the hospital we got checked in and immediately prepped for the epidural. Oh how I love epidurals.
My labor and delivery was definitely my fastest and easiest. At one point I had to quit pushing to ensure the doctor got there in time to deliver. My nurse was pretty stressed that she was going to have to deliver him if the doctor didn't hurry!
We had a hard time deciding on a name for this little man. He was almost 24 hours old before he was officially named. We are really happy with our choice though and it suits him well. Abraham was pretty disappointed that we didn't go with his choice: Iron Man. He got over it after Ken told him that his nick name could be T Rex.
When the boys came to visit in the hospital they were slightly more enthralled with the toys that the baby brought for them then they were with their brother.
They loved on him once the new toy magic wore off.
There is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby and we are absolutely thrilled with our little boy. The instant love and belonging that comes with a newborn always amazes me.
He's got two little dimples and looks a lot like his brothers, especially Abraham.
I think his Daddy loves him too!
I had to include this last picture because I love the look on Tyler's is so amazed.
We are at home now, getting used to life with a family of 5. My mom came in on Tuesday and has been a great help. We had some initial trouble with jaundice and weight loss, but after 4 days of doctor's visits and tests we are on the upswing and doing really well. Welcome to the world little Rex! We love you!


Jessica Brown said...

Welcome baby Rex!

Eric & Aimei Phillips said...

Congratulations!!! I love the name Rex...I used to want all of my kids to have an "x" in their name...but then spouses get involved and you realize things you wanted as a kid aren't always practical! Congrats!!! You look great!

Sofia L said...

Congrats!! Yeah for a new baby boy. I love baby boys but I'm a lil bias.

Katie C. said...

Yay! He's finally here! And that's even your littlest one so far! (I think, that is) :o) Can't wait to see him!

Annie said...

So happy for your family! You sure have adorable boys. Such a beautiful baby.

Kristee and Jared said...

Congrats! He is a cutie. So fun. How is life with 3 going?

Ann said...

Congratulations! So glad you're both home and doing well.