Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Photo Shoot

My wonderful friend Lindsey and I tried our hands as photographers and had a baby photo shoot with the boys. I was pretty happy with the results and when I went through to pick my favorites I ended up with 70 pictures. Luckily for all of you, I won't post all 70 here, I narrowed it down to 15, which is still a lot I know, but they are such sweet boys I couldn't resist!!

I love this one because you can see his double dimples. I think they are adorable and can't wait until his smile is in full bloom!
The blanket in the background is one my mother made for Rex. It is beautiful. The next picture shows the front of it, which is equally as beautiful. I have such a talented mother!
Isn't it gorgeous??
I think this picture is so sweet. I like how wide open his eyes are.
Here are the BIG BROs.

They love and adore their brother.
I initially thought Rex was the spitting image of Abraham, but the older he gets the more I think he'll be a good mix.
He holds his head up so well. This picture just makes me smile.
We are SO lucky to have Grandma Red (my mother) here. She has been a lifesaver and I'm not thinking about the fact that she is going home soon.
I really could stare at my baby all day long...
I love the wrinkled skin on his back in this picture, it is such a cute little baby thing.
The next two pictures make me laugh because they represent Rex's current life. His brothers trying to "love" him while I do my best to keep him safe.

I'm a very lucky mother to have 3 wonderful sons. I can't wait to watch Abraham, Tyler, and Rex continue to grow and learn.
Thanks Lindsey for your camera and all your help! We had fun and are so happy with how our pictures captured our little newborn.


kelley said...

Great pictures! Your boys are all so cute!!

Amy M said...

Alright, when do you open Carlile & Bullock Photography? Great job, guys! He is so sweet, Kim. I love brother love; it is the best.

Rachelle said...

And I must say... their mama is lookin' pretty good too!! Cute stuff.

Brenda said...

He is so cute. I LOVE the sitting up picture. He looks too small to hold that head up....maybe it is because it is not as big as his brothers heads were. ;)

Sandy said...

You got some really great pictures, and even better, you captured a moment in time that you'll always remember. I do love the little babies!!!

Katie C. said...

So cute!! You forget how sweet and little they are!

Shalise said...

What sweet boys! I have no idea what that's like. We're playing the opposite game over here. Rex is adorable. Congrats!

Charlotte said...

They make such cute siblings! You guys did a great job with the pictures.