Monday, September 12, 2011

The Other Side of the Table

For many years I studied special education and then served many more as an autistic support teacher. I held so many IEP meetings with parents and wrote so many goals. Today, the tables were turned and I was the parent as an evaluation and goal plan were written for my child. I must admit it was strange. Most people reading this blog know of the troubles Tyler has had. He was approved today for services because of his severe expressive speech delay. We were happy to see he scored very well in all other areas (he literally scored off the test charts for problem solving!) and are hopeful that this is going to be just what he needs for his speech to really take off. We can't wait to learn what that little guy is thinking!!


Three Men and a Little Lady said...

I remember when Hayden went through all these similar issues. It's so hard as a mom to watch and wish you could do more, or what should I be doing, or have done. I'm so glad you've got the background you have, that's so neat!!

Emily said...

I remember how weird it was when I did an IEP for Tucker, for speech. What a lucky guy to have you for a momma! And how exciting that he scored so well in the other areas! Can't wait to see videos of Tyler expressing himself!

Charlotte said...

I think no matter how well you understood it from a teacher side, being on the parent side gives you a deeper perspective. (Of course the same would go from seeing it on a teacher side after experiencing it as a parent).