Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Snow" Day

It finally snowed here in North Carolina. Yes, I use the term lightly. In fact, I know you can't see the other side of our lawn, but if you could you'd know that it was grass with no snow. Luckily it all depends on perspective and my kids were THRILLED beyond belief with the slush we had.We rushed outside first thing (honestly I was worried if we didn't go out first thing it would melt before we could get out there!)

The quality of the snow didn't damper the enthusiasm though. They went "sledding"...Made a snow angel...Tried to make a snowman, even stealing what snow they could get off the van...And had a snowball(slush) fight.

After about 15 minutes, we'd done it all and we headed inside for breakfast. That afternoon we went out in the 55 degree weather in short sleeved shirts and took a walk. So, I guess we should title this post, Snow Morning, instead of Snow Day.


Charlotte said...

I'm glad they could enjoy the snow, or the hint of it at least.

Tucker Mom said...

Love those boy in the cute hats. Glad you got some snow.

Three Men and a Little Lady said...

haha LOve it!