Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lost and Found

This morning Rex woke up and we followed our normal routine. First, I changed his diaper and got him dressed and then we went into the kitchen to put on his patch. He's been having trouble with his patch ripping his skin, so we've been putting a barrier on his skin before we put on the patch. I was rubbing the barrier on (it is the white stuff you see on his face in the picture) when I saw something odd on his skin below his ear. I looked closer and realized it was his contact!! He'd lost it at some point in the night and it had been stuck to his face. It was attached on there pretty tight, so we went ahead and put his new, spare contact in and left this on in some solution to see if we could salvage it. We can't wait for his upcoming surgery so hopefully we won't have to worry about his contact any more!

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Tucker Mom said...

It looks like a gigantic zit. Poor little one. Isn't his surgery this week? Good luck.