Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rex is 8 Months Old!

Where do I even begin in talking about this sweet baby? He turned 8 months old on the 11th and while I took these pictures on time I'm just posting them now, so it will kind of be an 8 1/2 month assessment of his skills and accomplishments.

 He's sitting up like a professional these days. It took awhile to get him there, but he's finally mastered it! He's also just seconds away from crawling. He'll inchworm (face plant?) to get to things he wants and he often goes up on his hands an knees, he just usually moves backwards instead of forwards!
 He's a champion eater and has really started table foods. He loves Nutra Grain bars, but makes a nice sticky mess of them. He's just getting the hang of feeding himself and given a handful of Cheerios on his tray probably gets 1 in 4 tries actually in his mouth. He can also hold his bottle by himself, hooray! 
 He's started to imitate sounds, our favorite is when we fake snore, he totally chimes in, it is hilarious. Also, at Tyler's speech session the other day, the therapist was really working on "p" sound with lots of purple and peppers. About 3/4 of the way through the session Rex starts going "puh, puh, puh". I guess we have a genius on our hands here!! (he gets that from me:-)
He's still losing his contact on a regular basis, so we are looking forward to his surgery on May 3rd. They'll be putting in a permanent implant and we can kick the contact to the curb. We'll still have to patch him, but it will be a huge relief to me to not have to stress out about his contact.
So, you may notice that he's wearing 2 different outfits in these pictures. It is because I took them on 2 separate days because 90% of the pictures I took he had his eyes closed. Then Abraham wanted in a picture and 100% of the ones I took of them together...they BOTH had their eyes closed.


Tucker Mom said...

Love and miss those boys. Glad the surgery is coming up.

Phillips Family said...

Wow, they grow up so fast!! Soon you will have seven brides for seven brothers...ok, that was lame. Your kids are adorable.

Boyer Family said...

That top picture doesn't even really look like him. He is such a sweet boy! I'd do just about anything to get him to smile but don't HAVE to do anything but look at him :) Can't believe he is so big! Hurray for his surgery.