Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Rex!

It is hard to believe our little man is 2 years old! 
 Since his birthday was on a Sunday and Ken gets up at the crack of dawn to get to his church meetings, we  had to wait all day to open his presents. Since he is 2 and doesn't really know what is going on, Rex didn't mind. It about drove Abraham and Tyler bananas though, having to wait!
 It is no surprise to anyone who knows Rex that he had very super hero-centric presents. He loved them all. 
 His brothers did too...
 My Mom made him this awesome Thor hat and hammer. They were perfect. 
 Rex wanted a Hulk cake, so we made him a green cake with purple frosting. He was happy, so we were happy. He invited his friend Troy over to share cake and ice cream. He loves to play with Troy in nursery and we were so glad he could share Rex's birthday with us. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Carlile sent some birthday money which Rex promptly used to buy this Wolverine costume from Costco. Is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen??? My mom also made him the Wolverine doll, which he loves and carries around like a baby doll. So adorable. 
We are so happy Rex is a part of our family and can't imagine life without him. He brings us such joy. Happy Birthday to our little Super Hero!


Tucker Mom said...

Happy Birthday Rex. Love you

Boyer Family said...

That costume is so cute! He's getting so big.

Lindsey Bullock said...

He is the cutest 2 year old! We just love that kid!