Monday, December 2, 2013


So, this is pretty much old news, but I wanted make sure I posted about Annemarie's birth. Since the boys were all 10-15 days early and big...we started really anticipating her arrival 2 weeks before her due date. She wasn't ready yet. So, 3 days before my due date at my dr's appt he offered to induce me the next day. I immediately took him up on his offer! So, we picked my mom up from the airport at 4:30, went home and put the boys to bed, and waited for the hospital to call. They called around 7:30, we got there around 8 and they broke my water about 9:30. I was still having no contractions at that point. About 10:00 the contractions started and I got my epidural at 10:45. They checked me at 11:30 and I was dilated to a 6 and fully effaced. An hour later the epidural felt like it was wearing off on my right side (which has happened to me before) and so they turned me on that side. I felt pressure and so the nurse checked me and Annemarie was right there! She quickly called the dr, told me not to push and got everything ready for delivery. The dr arrived and I pushed through one contraction when they realized the umbilical cord was around her neck. After safely cutting it away, she was born on the next contraction. I immediately realized she wasn't crying. The nurses took her to the warming station and began trying to get her to breathe. They called in the trauma team and started prepping oxygen. Just as the trauma nurse arrived, the most beautiful cry I'd ever heard finally came out. They said that they worry about repercussions if the baby goes over a minute before breathing, but she was only 51 seconds (the longest 51 seconds ever!!)
She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 21 inches long. Grandma Red immediately noticed Annemarie's red hair!

 Dr. March delivered all 4 of my children.
 She came through the birth canal so fast she bruised her cheeks and broke blood vessels in both eyes. You can really notice the cheek bruising in this picture. She kind of looks fake.
 My mom crocheted her a couple of awesome hats to wear in the hospital. The nurses loved them!
 See those Krispy Kreme's in the background? Annemarie was born on national talk like a pirate day. Ken and my  mom dressed up with the boys and scored us 5 free dozen doughnuts.
 The boys were so happy to come visit us and meet Annemarie. Rex wanted to stay with me.
 The brothers were so happy and thrilled to meet their new little sister.
 People tell me all the time that I must have my hands full. Yes, happily, my hands are very full.
 This picture represents Annemarie's life pretty much. The boys loving on her, not so gently, until she finally protests.
 This was her first time at church, at 3 days old. She looks jaundiced and bruised. Poor baby.
 Ken's office sent us this flower arrangement. At first I thought it was so cute and clever...then it started creeping me out.
We couldn't be happier to welcome sweet Annemarie into our home. We love her so much. 
Oh...and for those who don't know, her name is a 3 person combo. My mom's name is LeAnn, so the 'Ann' comes from that. Ken's middle name is just the letter 'E' and my middle name is 'Marie'. When you put them all together you get Annemarie.