Friday, April 8, 2016

Cruise Day Four

Day 4 found us in beautiful Jamaica. We hired a driver to take us to the Blue Hole. There we met our guide. They both tried to tell me I didn't need to wear sunblock or bug spray. I appreciated their thoughts, but went ahead and applied both. Our guide helped us hike up the falls and down the falls and showed us where we could jump into the pools. Some of the jumps were pretty mild, but some were crazy. 
We had to use a rope to hike down these falls until we reached a safe spot to jump. 

 At the bottom of that jump there was a hole that you could climb through to get under the falls. It was a little precarious going in, but once you were under there it was really neat. 

 I typically avoid rope swings due to my lack of upper body strength. I managed to not embarrass myself too bad though. 

 The final jump was around 22 feet tall. I wasn't going to do it. I was literally walking away. Then our guide told me, "You will regret it, ya mon" So, what can you do? I jumped. I'm so glad I did!

Afterwards we asked our driver to take us to some local places. Sandy really wanted to go to a bakery, so he took us to one in his neighborhood. Sandy bought us all a yummy coconut pastry.
 Then we walked to Juici Patties for lunch. As we walked through the Farmer's Market, we had locals asking to take our picture because we were so white. It was pretty funny. 
This local food was spicy and very hot to the touch, but delicious. It was really fun to explore some local Jamaican culture.