Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cruise Day Two

Day 2 was a cruise day, so we spent all day on the boat. Ken and I made temporary tattoos for everyone to wear on certain days, here are our first ones. 
They had a flow rider on the boat and so we had to go and check it out. It was a lot of fun, if you don't count my little swimsuit malfunction when I crashed. Everyone claims there was so much water splashing you couldn't see anything. I'll choose to believe them.

There was a scavenger hunt, so we all ran around the boat like crazy people taking random pictures.

 Of course we won, bringing in gold medals. 
There was an ice skating rink on board and we went to the ice show. There were some interesting moments, including a 3 legged pirate, but the skating was incredible. 

That night was our first formal night. Ken and I got to dinner a little early, so we had some pictures taken. I really loved this picture. Not enough to spend $23 on it, but enough to try and take a picture of it. 

At dinner we taught everyone a little game Ken likes to play with the boys called Teeth or Nails. 

 I love this picture because it is the only one I have of all of us sitting at dinner. Dinner is definitely one of the best parts of each day. We sit for hours: talking, laughing, gorging on fabulous food. 
Afterwards we had to get a few more pictures. Teeth....or nails?

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