Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cruise: Day 4 & 5

Days 4 and 5 of the cruise were both port days. We first stopped in Mazatlan. First we went fishing. Besides half the people getting some seasickness, it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything, but we saw many schools of sting rays, flying fish, and dorado. To get to this front section of the boat, you had to cross this narrow section, with the ocean on one side and a sketchy wooden rail on the other. You felt like you were completing a task on the Amazing Race. We also got to feed some smaller fish to the birds. If you look close you can see the fish in the birds mouth. That night we learned to play Shuffleboard on the deck.

In Puerto Vallarta, we'd arranged for a zipline tour. Initially I was terrified, but I got over it quickly and had an awesome time. By the end I was riding with one of the workers: backwards, spinning, and upside down. I feel as though the pictures don't do it justice. Just imagine over 500 feet above the jungle. This is right before I got bit by a monkey. Yep, you read it right, I totally got bit by a monkey. It wasn't the one I was holding, but one that jumped on me. I'm still waiting for whatever disease I'm sure I caught to kick in.

This however, didn't discourage some from holding the other animals.

We had our driver drop us off at a local restaurant where we had some great Mexican food. Afterwards we got massages at "Healing Hands", which had been recommended to us by someone we sat by on the airplane, and was amazing!!

They have a bunch of random statues and things along the beachfront in Puerto Vallarta, so we couldn't let the photo ops pass us by!

This Last Supper sculpture was done completely out of sand. It was incredible!

Farewell Mexico!


Charlotte said...

Those sand sculptures look awesome, but I think I will pass on touching you until I'm sure whatever monkey fever you have passes (if you start craving bananas at the full moon you may have become a were-monkey.)

andrea said...

hahahaha... were-monkey...
That looks like such an amazing time. I totally looked up some cruises the other day, just to see if you were kidding about the price. You weren't.

Amy M said...

Dorados? I remember reading about those in Life of Pi. At least you had way more fun than the guy in that book. A cruise sure sounds good right about now.

Abs said...

Wow! Your entire cruise looks like a blast. Justin and I have got to go do something like that. It must have been so great to get away from every day life. Hope that you are doing so well. I keep thinking of taking a trip to visit you. Maybe this fall..

Sandy said...

I can hardly stand to look at those pictures in a weird almost causes fun pains! 2012 is already calling my name. Have you guys booked yet?