Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For Father's Day, the Primary sang at church today. It was a song I wasn't familiar with, so Abraham and I spent a lot of time this week practicing it, so that he'd be ready to sing. I would tell him each time that we were practicing because singing this song for Dad would be a very special present. When the time came this morning, Abe was the first kid on the stand. He went straight to the podium and (luckily not in the microphone, so no one heard but Ken and his counselors) said a prayer. Then he stood straight in front of Ken and his counselors, the rest of the Primary were on the other side of the microphone, turned towards Ken and away from the audience and proceeded to give a private little concert, just for his Dad. It was so funny and very cute. When he came down and sat next to me he said, "I sang it special just for my Dad, just like you said." Could there be a better Father's Day gift?
(Abraham at 4 days old, a proud Daddy on his son's first Halloween)

In Primary they filled out a little questionnaire. I found Abraham's answers to be hilarious.
1. My daddy's name is: Daddy
2. He is 7 days old, big feet tall and weighs 7,8,20 lbs.
3. His favorite food is: chicken pot pie.
4. My daddy is really good at: exercising.
5. He loves to: he loves me and we are best friends.
6. My favorite thing to do with my dad is: my dad gives me a head ride. (that his name for what is normally called a shoulder ride)
7. I'm just like my dad because I: like chicken pot pie.
8. What I love most about my daddy is: 100, 7, 8, 20 then I give him a hug and a kiss.
9. It makes my Dad happy when I: give him a hug and a kiss.(Ken with Tyler on his blessing day)Happy Father's Day to a wonderful Husband and Father!
And to two awesome Grandfathers!


Elisa Barnes said...

I watched Abe do this.. the look on Ken's face was priceless!

Tucker Mom said...

Sounds just like Abe. We really need to get you a better picture of Dad with your kids. Love hearing Abe sing.

Lindsey B said...

Cute cute! I helped him fill it out in Primary and you got it a little wrong--The first question of "My daddy's name is:" his answer was actually "D and D". I asked him twice suggesting Dad and Daddy and he insisted on "D and D". He's a cute little boy for sure!


andrea said...

That is SO adorable!!!!! That story totally made my day.