Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sesame Street Live

I won tickets from our local newspaper to go and see Sesame Street and participate in a "Meet and Greet" beforehand. Here we are anxiously awaiting meeting all our favorite Sesame Street characters.Here we are being let down. This is it. One lousy picture with Bert and Ernie. Definately not my idea of a "Meet and Greet", but it was free, so who am I to complain.
Ken thinks grown people acting so happy and excited in such big, creepy costumes just isn't right. I guess Abraham shares his apprehension.

We had 6th row, floor seats.The "Meet and Greet" was at 6:00, but unfortunately the show started at 7:00, which also happens to be my kid's bedtime. They were starting to get tired before it even started!
You can see from this picture how close to the stage we were.
The characters would even come down off the stage and give high fives and things to us. Ken was thrilled to have such up close and personal interaction with the creepy costume people.
Abraham was most excited for Cookie Monster though and Cookie Monster did not disappoint. Check out that tie dye!!

They had an intermission half way through the show and we ended up leaving then. Our kids were tired and they started selling these Elmo helium balloons, which lots of people in front of us bought, blocking our view. Later when we got home, just for fun, we looked up online how much the tickets and "meet and greet" would have cost us and were shocked to find it would have been over $200!! Had we paid for them, we definately would not have left at intermission!! We ended up having a lot of fun and a great family night out.


Tucker Mom said...

Looks like so much fun. Glad you got the tickets.

Charlotte said...

Good thing you didn't look up the prices before you went, then! Sounds like a lot of fun. Cookie Monster is my favorite, too. And Elmo makes me crazy (ruined Sesame Street in my opinion).

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

That's too bad that the meet and great was lame. I'm glad you got in free! I am also glad that Ken got to fulfill his #1 dream :)


andrea said...

That's what it was when we did the Playhouse Disney show. But Addie was afraid of the giant Mickey and wouldn't even go near him :)