Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family Pictures

It's that time of year for us to update our family pictures. We went out with our friends the Bullocks and were able to get some great shots. Tyler was pretty grumpy the whole time, but nothing a little photoshop couldn't fix! We had a great time and I'm happy with our pictures. I love this picture because the while Abraham's choke hold on Tyler is completely unintentional, it is a good representation of their relationship. They love each other, but they fight like brothers.
Just a fun candid shot that I liked.
I really love this picture of Abe. What a smile, that dimple always gets me!

Somehow we are never able to get a formal shot of Tyler smiling. This one is pretty sweet anyway though!!
I don't like being pregnant. I don't like pictures of myself being taken while I am pregnant. However, it is part of us right now, so I figured it wouldn't kill me to have one good full body shot. So everyone who's asked a million times and wants a good preggo picture, here you go!

I guess now it is time to redo my blog header...


Rachelle said...

Everyone looks so cute. I haven't ever seen you pregnant that I can recall. You look great. :)

Tucker Mom said...

I love those pictures. You all look great. Need copies.